Pharmaceutical giant streamlines its MDM scenario with Oracle PDH solution

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    MDM PDH implementation

Customer Overview

Our customer provides medical-surgical supplies and equipment to physicians' offices, home care agencies, long-term care facilities and surgery centers. The customer has several business units that deliver a comprehensive offering of healthcare products, equipment, and related services to the full continuum of care, including physician offices, surgery centers, long-term care, and home care.

Business Challenges

The organization's vision is to help create a healthcare system where quality is high, errors are prevented and costs are lower. As a leading healthcare services company, it provides pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and technologies that make healthcare safer while reducing costs. These operations need to be maintained in virtually every aspect of healthcare.

The organization had these key Master Data Management (MDM) needs:

  • Establishing Master item data of consistent representation, enrichment and high quality.
  • Item data stewardship and management of daily item data updates and new items.
  • Extraction and consolidation of large sets of source item data, half million items from data warehouse, ERP and legacy systems.
  • Auto build and representation of detailed and specific item data attributes for different downstream consumption formats.
  • Compile item data with ecommerce and search characteristics for online ecommerce system feed.
  • Provide item data for additional channels at the warehouse and wholesale level.
MDM Product Information Management (PIM) Solution

Birlasoft successfully implemented the MDM Product Data Hub (PDH) system for the needs and challenges with the following solution:

  • Conversion of existing taxonomy and item data schema into PDH
  • Conversion, cleansing of normalization of large source item data with enhancement of item data schema through modular PDH object import and rules
  • PDH configuration of the Master taxonomy and item data schema with attribute groups and attribute rules and display formats
  • PDH functional configuration of the item data management operations
  • Inclusion of an auto load interface for extraction of item data from Oracle Data Warehouse and JD Edwards ERP, into MDM PDH
  • Set up of rule-based auto generation of specific attribute values
  • Integration of an Endeca interface for auto scheduled PDH data extraction
Key Benefits
  • Successfully created new enhanced Chart of Account (COA) structure, accounts, hierarchies and effective intra company rules to cater cross entities transactions
  • Seamless and controlled item data flow from ERP systems through MDM processes and through to ecommerce
  • Reduction in time and effort to market new and updated items to ecommerce
  • Prevention of item data errors and reduction in time of item data management including use of intelligence rules and value sets
  • Robust product data import and publishing
  • Master item data readily available for on demand channels
  • Reduction in time to add new items for PIM Stewards attribution
  • Reduction in time to extract item data for ecommerce build process
  • Improved ability to identify related item types
  • Overall system business operation performance
  • Reduction in time for metrics reporting
  • Easily manage migration of items across business categories
Future extensions of MDM
  • Alternate item data taxonomies and catalogs for various channel business needs
  • Publishing of master item data to additional downstream data channels
  • Potential integration with Oracle Data Quality tools
  • Potential integration with reporting modules
Pre-MDM Architecture
pre mdm architecture pharmaceutical giant
Post-MDM Architecture
post mdm architecture pharmaceutical giant

"Birlasoft delivered a successful project based on three critical factors: planning, adaptability, and execution. Birlasoft brought a wealth of functional and technical expertise to our project that helped to reach MDM goals, navigate challenges productively, and meet specific project requirements. The resources assigned to our project were professional, dedicated, resilient, and centered on us as a customer. The Birlasoft team fostered positive results within the budget."