Streamlined Reporting for Enterprise Users using Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Solution highlights
  • SharePoint enables various users to raise quality incidents effectively and in a timely manner
  • Secure access and ease of administration
  • Effective approval process enabling Quality managers to approve / reject / reopen incidents
Customer Overview

The largest manufacturer of chocolate products in North America including candy, assorted food, and beverage product lines.

Business Challenges

The client was not happy with the way users were getting daily reports generated in multiple applications in the organization. Users had to go through multiple user credential validation iterations before they could actually access the reports. Additionally, there was:

  • Low adoption of "DataMarts" (reports) by internal users
  • Too many tools, too many password, too hard to find reports
  • High TCO taxing internal resources and budgets

These requirements called for a portal that provides single window access to the relevant users of the reports, without having to worry about multiple authentications.

Some of their key requirements were:

  • Ability for users to subscribe and select from the many data-marts to draw reports on
  • Enable users to launch the report from an easy to use portal application
  • Admin to configure access for new users and data-marts
Birlasoft Solution

Birlasoft analyzed the key requirements of the client and inferred that SharePoint 2013 would be an ideal tool to resolve the challenges that the client was facing.


Birlasoft has successfully implemented the solution and delivered the following benefits to the customer:

  • Self-service web access for users
  • Ease of use and accessibility results in higher productivity and lower TCO
  • Scalable applicable can support new data-marts, reports and users and retire obsolete ones