Global Philanthropic Foundation streamlines Content Management & Sharing with Office365

Solution highlights
  • Sites for Document Dashboard, US Programs and Developing Countries Programs
  • Page carousel for both program sites
  • Content type and workflow planning for Grant concept, proposal, application documents, approval letter, board presentation, board book and financial transactions record
  • Search configuration and Content Query Web Part Style changes achieved by XSLT modifications
  • Consistent branding for MySite and Blog pages
Customer Overview

A global philanthropic foundation working in providing grants or funds for inventions to promote economic growth in the US, and social and economic progress for the poor in developing countries.

Business Challenges

As part of their grant work they receive number of documents for each of their funding programs. The SharePoint project was primarily aimed at developing a Document Management System and facilities related to it for collaboration and maintenance and ease of use for users across organization.

As stated by the Executive Director, the Foundation's website & portal design should incorporate the foundation's strategy, goals, mission, how thinking is organized around goals and what they want to accomplish with them – should be front and center in everyone's mind in absolutely everything they do.

  • CollaborationThis was mostly accomplished only through email attachments, which results in proliferation of document copies and difficulty tracking versions and edits.
  • Permissions: Some iterative processes, such as the grant management and board preparation processes, require more stringent permissions to allow owners of document collections to determine when major version changes occur and when final documents are closed to further editing.
  • Data, evidence and research: Make the stored data, evidence and research resources accessible and searchable.
  • Remote Access: For approved external partners, vendors, board members and employees to information appropriate for their usage while the rest of the content stays secure
Birlasoft Solution

The client approached Birlasoft to help them achieve their vision of devising and implementing a solution which would address their requirements with minimal turnaround time and greater effectiveness.

Birlasoft analyzed the key requirements of the customer and inferred that Content Management on Office 365 would be an ideal tool to approach the problem and meet the client requirements.

Business Benefits

Birlasoft has successfully implemented the solution and have delivered the following benefits to the customer:

  • Improved branding, information sharing and search
  • Better document management and change tracking
  • Improved process efficiency from streamlined workflow
  • Effective collaboration with board members, external partners and vendors