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Birlasoft’s Infor LN Implementation and Management Services
Elevate business efficiency and redefine success via seamless ERP services tailored to your needs
Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, our ERP solutions grow with you. Scale up or down effortlessly as your business evolve. Make informed decisions with our real-time analytics. Gain a competitive edge by having instant access to crucial business data.
Our experts collaborate with you to create personalized ERP solutions that align perfectly with your goals and processes. Say goodbye to complexity. Our intuitive interfaces make ERP implementation a breeze, ensuring your team adapts quickly and efficiently.
Infor Application Transformative Journey
The NEXT Philosophy
Process Designs
  • Review current process models and design future state process and operating model
  • Collaborate with data and technology teams identify key business value and cost drivers to measure incremental success
Process Mining
  • Process mining on the Infor data to identify potential areas for improvement.
  • Process assessments, workshops led by industry experts using accelerators (process models, KPIs,analytics architechure etc)
Process Automation
  • Provide automation solution for potential areas identified during Process Mining
  • Leverage Infor Accelrator approach
Technology Consolidation
  • Collaborate with business processes to understand future state vision
  • Conduct future state technology mapping
  • Determine required new technologies as appropriate
  • Leverage AI/ML
  • Leverage mobile solutions for accessing critical data on the move
  • Simplify processes , adopt to mobility.
Accelerated Solution
  • Predefined Templates and tools.
  • Resuable case studies
  • Use case-driven implementation approach
Trust is paramount. Discover the transformative power of our ERP services. Elevate your efficiency, streamline your operations, and achieve unparalleled success with our Enterprise Automation Solutions approach.
Infor LN Capabilities
Recognized Experts
Domain Expertise
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Equipment
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • High Tech and Electronics
  • Construction and Engineering
Trusted Partner
Infor Tools
  • Infor implementation accelerators
  • Infor deployment methodology
  • Infor extensibility
  • Infor OS
  • Infor ION integrations to 3rd party applications
  • Master data management
Extensive network of partners to support customized business needs
Product Expertise
  • Triton, Baan VI and Baan 5
  • Infor LN CloudSuite versions
  • Add on products:
    • Infor OS
    • Infor Automotive Exchange
    • Infor Supplier Exchange
    • Infor Factory Track
    • Infor Birst
    • Infor CPQ
Wide System Coverage
Global Presence
  • Global delivery model across multiple locations in:
    • Europe
    • Americas
    • Asia
    • Australia
Key Differentiators
Industry Specific Solutions
Tools and Accelerators
End-to-End Solution Capability
Large Transformation Delivery Experience
Localization Expertise
Reference Customers
Birlasoft Infor LN Services Portfolio
  • Assessment, Health Checks & Audits
  • Solution Design & Blueprint
  • Value Harvesting
  • Portfolio Rationalization
  • Cloud Roadmap
Cloud Implementation & Rollouts
  • Global Design & Pilot rollouts
  • Cloud Implementation and Rollouts
  • Country Localizations
  • Data as a Service
  • Preconfigured Solutions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
Cloud Upgrades & Migrations
  • Tool based Upgrade Assessment
  • Application and Database Version Upgrades
  • Automated RICFW Retro fitment
  • Technology and Platform Cloud Migration Services
AMS & ADM Services
  • SmartAMS
  • Bots & Monitoring tools
  • Development Services
  • RICFW Factory Dedicated/Shared Services/Outcome based Service
Infrastructure Management
  • DBA Services
  • Cloud Migration
  • Data Center Support
  • Infrastructure & Networking Support
  • Infra Rationalization
  • Hardware Sizing
  • Hosting Solution Services
Extended Service Offerings
  • Testing (Manual & Automated)
  • Program Management
  • OCM & Training
  • Security 
  • Digital Excellence
Improve Your Business Outcomes
Achieve a digitally enabled future state organization with our solutions and services to deliver the best to our customers.
Commercial Lending and Leasing
Digital Business 
Improve Automation
Index to > 8 / 10
  • Infor CloudSuite
  • Infor OS : User experience and personalization.
  • Enterprise Application Integration- ION
  • Coleman – AI/ML
  • Realtime business operations leveraging IoT
Retail Banking
Enterprise Productivity 
Improve Productivity
> 95%
  • Process reengineering and designing with Extensive usage of Infor Implementation Accelerators.
  • Predefined Solution template for Manufacturing, Life Science verticals
Cards Processing
Industry-specific solution 
Deploy Best Practices
based Solution
  • Manufacturer
    • iLink : Master Data Lifecycle
    • Field Service Mobility
    • After Market cloud solution
  • Distributors
    • WMS
    • SnapPay
Commercial Lending and Leasing
Functional and technology services 
Deploy Best in Class Tools,
Accelerator and Services
  • Cloud Implementations and Upgrades
  • ATLAS (TaaS) - Testing As A Service
  • Vigil-I – Application Monitoring Service
  • iConnect – Integration framework
  • DaaS - Data Management services
Cards Processing
Responsive Delivery and long-term relationships 
Customer Satisfaction
Index > 4.5
  • SmartAMS for efficient managed Services
  • Infor UAP - User Adoption Program
  • Application optimizations and consultative solution partnerships initiated.
Enterprise Automation Solutions
Why Birlasoft?
Right Partner
Right Partner
  • Focus on Major verticals– Industrial Engineering, A&D, Automotive, Process, Distribution, Retail, CPG domain and
  • Manufacturing and Distribution industry domain expertise
  • Serving clients across manufacturing micro verticals
  • Serving clients across all micro verticals
  • Partnership mindset and Strong Global presence
Right Approach
  • Value Business Model designed to deliver for any industry.
  • Accelerator toolkit to reduce transformation risk
  • Futuristic vision with complete digital roadmap offering
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Process Mining, Process optimizations, Process Designs
  • Technology Consolidations Business and technology Solutions
Right Experience
  • Skills and Resource Capabilities – Best of Breed
  • Deep Infor experience
  • Two decades of success in delivering Infor transformation programs
  • Long standing Infor partnership, Center of Excellence for technology and innovation
  • Certified and experienced team of Infor specialists- Expertise aligned to customer landscape
  • Global team and cost-effective delivery model
Right People
  • Certified and experienced team of Infor specialists
  • Global Team and Cost-effective delivery model
  • Executive commitment and sponsorship
  • Partner with end-to-end capabilities
Right Solutions
  • ATLAS: Automated Testing Solution – Infor marketplace
  • iConnect: 3rd Party Integration Framework – Infor Marketplace
  • Vigil-I Infor Application: Monitoring Tool for critical alerts on real time basis.
  • Cloud Express: Nurture + Migrate + Retain.
  • SmartAMS: For efficient Application Managed Services
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