Farm to Shelf offering
Birlasoft Farm to Shelf offering
Build business agility to deliver customer centric value with comprehensive cloud solution for Food and Beverages Industry
The food and beverages industry is multiplying, and with change, the challenges are also evolving. Businesses are constantly striving to increase the customer wallet share, increase production capacity, increase supply chain resilience, and faster market while enhancing the quality and safety standards.
Birlasoft Farm to Shelf Business Model built over Infor CloudSuite Food and Beverages enables customers and business across the globe to simplify and accomplish complex transformation by leveraging Food and Beverages technology and business accelerators solutions.
Post-pandemic Tech-led Innovations in Food & Beverages Industry
Post-Pandemic Technology-Led Innovations In F&B Industry
Read this article to know how technology led innovations in Food & Beverage industry are empowering businesses post pandemic.
Transform Your Food and Beverage Business with Farm to Shelf offering
A comprehensive F&B business solution to drive business growth
Birlasoft Farm-to-Shelf is a unique solution offering for the Food and Beverages Industry. Farm to shelf solutions allows organizations to build a digitally enabled Food & Beverage business. The seamless F&B operation thus built on a cloud environment offers scalability, resilience, and reliance required to succeed in the marketplace.
Farm to Shelf business model (FSBM) is based on a cloud enabled platform, the Infor CloudSuite for Food and Beverages (Infor M3). FSBM is powered by Birlasoft’s proprietary solutions and accelerator solutions complemented with industry specific capabilities which allows F&B businesses to always have access to the latest innovation to stay current.
Reimagine Your Business to Deliver Growth
Optimize, Transform and Automate your F&B Business
Boost your underwriting operations with 100X more datapoints
Enhance Customer Experience
Improvising customer service level while changing from fixed schedule to dynamic fulfillment and replenishment.
Omni-Channel Sales
Enable fast-paced and evolving omnichannel sales. Multi-channel order enablement through efficient order entry by sales reps in over-the-counter sales situations, phone sales, and EDI.
Timely Demand Fulfillment
Timely Demand Fulfillment
Book the order and have complete transparency during the entire supply chain. Manage make to order/stock process based on customer order or forecast driven proposals for manufacturing, inspection, receiving, and dispatching with complete tracking.
Optimal Inventory Management
Optimal Inventory Management
Managing inventory at all the warehouses owned and third party, route management. Framework on Pick waves and slotting for omnichannel fulfillment.
New Product Release and Forecast Accuracy
New Product Release and Forecast Accuracy
Ability to capture demand to forecast. Planning calculations to master planning using reorder point planning, MRP calculations, master planning, and transferring Master plan to action by Manufacturing. planning and scheduling using Infor IBP.
Minimize Recalls by High-Quality Standards and Traceability
Minimize Recalls by High-Quality Standards and Traceability
Ability to manage quality check by QMS integration in procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and selling.
M3 Graphical Lot Tracker (GLT) - The trace and recall general process enables trace, hold and recall all lots that may be defective due to an identified item and lot.
Retain customers with superior experiences
Grower Settlement
Various grower contract scenarios can be managed accurately.
Pre-built Dashboards and Reports for Supplier assessments.
Why Birlasoft for Food & Beverage Industry
Right Partner
  • Focus on Food & Beverages, Retail, CPG domain and Strong global presence
  • Food and Beverages Industry domain expertise
  • Infor CloudSuite Food and Beverages specialization
  • Serving clients across Food Industry micro verticals
  • Partnership mindset
Right Approach
  • Farm to Shelf Business Model designed to deliver for the Food Industry
  • Accelerator toolkit to reduce transformation risk
  • Futuristic vision with complete digital roadmap offering
Right Experience
  • Expertise aligned to customer landscape
  • Two decades of success in delivering Infor transformation programs
  • Business transformation experience in F&B Segment
  • Long standing Infor Partnership, Birlasoft has been awarded as "Promising Infor Partner of the Year 2015"
  • Center of Excellence for Technology and Innovation
Right People
  • Certified and experienced team of Infor specialists
  • Global Team and Cost-effective delivery model
  • Executive commitment and sponsorship
  • Partner with end-to-end capabilities
Key Highlights
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Post-Pandemic Technology-Led Innovations In F&B Industry
Post-Pandemic Technology-Led Innovations In F&B Industry