Why Marketing Cloud?

Technology is becoming core to the marketing function. The influx of technology in Marketing and the growth in

customer data is throwing open newer challenges for the function.

Problem Statement

In today’s highly competitive environment, one can catch customer’s attention only by engaging them through a Connected, Personalized, Real-time experience that sets one apart


  • Need for single view of customer interactions
  • Disparate systems are expensive or difficult to connect
  • Marketing technologies require expert planning, Oversight and management
  • And, the No 1 challenge is the complexity of all integration

Birlasoft Marketing Cloud Managing programs via marketing cloud technologies

Manage Contacts

  • Preference Management

  • Data Integration

  • Data Quality Programs

  • Contact Records

  • Contact Profiles

  • Technical Profiles segmentation

Measure Results

  • Dashboards & Drill-downs

  • Database Health

  • Standard & Custom Reports

  • Report Delivery

  • Web Analytics

  • Campaign Analytics

TruView CLM Features

Manage Campaigns

  • 1-to-1 Advertising

  • Lead Scoring

  • Lead Assessment

  • Lead Source Tracking

  • CRM Integration

  • Sales Enablement

  • Measure RoI

Manage Leads

  • Campaign Automation

  • Form Processing

  • Nurturing

  • Event Management

  • Emails

  • Web Forms

  • Personalization

  • Multi-Channel capabilities

Our Differentiators

Poor Customer satisfaction (CSAT) Scores

Salesforce Platinum Partner

Poor diagnoses of root cause leading to missed SLAs

Oracle Cloud Platinum Partner

Inaccurate/unavailable install site data

Marketing Cloud Implementation Experience with Global Customers

Inaccurate agent scheduling /conflictmanagement

Mature In-house Usage of Digital Marketing Platforms

Poor/ Negligible intelligence to support SMART field service

Parent Group Marketing Domain Experience in Industrial, Healthcare, and Consumer segments

Success Stories

Poor Customer satisfaction (CSAT) Scores

European Resource Management Major

  • Lead Generation workflows designed and implemented with separate workflows for Small/SME and Enterprise customers
  • Marketing cloud integrated with client’s CRM system
  • Roles defined and Mobile device integration done.
Poor diagnoses of root cause leading to missed SLAs

American Recreation Major

  • Entire Customer Journey map created
  • Campaigns designed around it for 8 global markets
  • Personalized content to the customer at every touchpoint
Inaccurate/unavailable install site data

American Population Health Management Technology Major

  • In-depth strategic consulting, implementation of marketing automation to deliver better qualified leads from Marketing to Sales.
  • Pardot integrated with CRM system for B2B lead generation & nurturing
  • Seamless, Real Time, End-to-End Integration of Marketing tools with CRM for visiblity into customer/prospect data coming from various digital activities