Cement manufacturer leverages business intelligence platform to improve workforce efficiency by 45%

  • Customer

    French industrial giant specializing in cement and constructional aggregates

  • Industry


  • 45% improvement in workforce efficiency
  • Annual cost savings of $50,000 per planning cycle
  • 10% reduction in costs related to raw material procurement
Business Situation

The manufacturer had several applications to drive budgeting and forecasting. There was minimal collaboration between these applications which led to deviations of planned versus actual when it came to demand planning and budgeting.

Business Challenges

Process defects seriously impeded visibility into forecasting and reporting. The situation was aggravated by the lack of streamlined processes that would allow a single plan to be implemented across the organization between different stakeholders. This disrupted the business planning process, led to extended cycle times and reduced profitability.

Birlasoft Solution

Birlasoft began by fixing the existing business processes, including workflows involving short-term and long-term planning. The reporting layer provided a rich user interface for the management to deep-dive into crucial reports and allowed users to provide real-time feedback. The optimization of resource utilization on high-performing units also led to actionable insights for procurement teams. This solution solved the crucial problem of disintegrated business planning for this cement manufacturer.