Augmented reality solution helps US truck maker cut aftersales service-resolution time by 18%

  • Customer

    An American manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty trucks.

  • Industry


  • Improved problem diagnosis and in-time expert servicing led to
    • 18% reduction in service resolution time
    • 9% reduction in maintenance costs for customers
  • Real-time access to parts’ inventory, warranty records, and detailed service instructions led to quicker resolution
  • Helped service agent leverage expert guidance even in case of unfamiliar models and machinery
  • After-hours service levels were also performed at the normal SLA levels
Business Situation

The manufacturer’s inability to provide top notch after sales experience to its clients was hurting the business. The quality and turnaround time (TAT) of the service delivered by the channel partners wasn’t satisfactory and this had the potential to hit sales and market share.

Business Challenges

The service delivery team lacked the skills to solve the problems. The high frequency of incorrect diagnoses, which led to inflated TaT, was eroding customer loyalty, and the company's sales and market share.

Birlasoft Solution

Birlasoft’s proprietary augmented reality (AR) backed collaboration solution (WorkWearTM) helped the client provide expert guidance in real-time. Smart Glass, mounted on the service agents' safety helmet, allowed them to initiate a “see what I see” video session with voice talk. The expert technician would guide the service agent, fetch schematics, annotates and share with service engineer in real-time. This helped the service agent perform tasks as per the heads-up checklist and record a video or capture a picture as a proof of completion.

Customer Testimonials
"If we can set up Smart Glass in less than 1 min and start live view wirelessly from the service area to engine tech expert's home or office PC, it would make our problem identification the right first time. I think we can use the same in warranty validations"
"I was among the first few dealers selected for this pilot program and am happy to say, surprised…. in a good way, by the adoption among technicians. I am able to duplicate my resources, and wasteful efforts have been minimized. I never thought this kind of tech would be so useful."