US based financial services major reduces lending cycle time from 16 hours to 10 minutes through Birlasoft’s One Touch platform

  • Customer

    One of the largest financial services companies in the US

  • Industry


  • 95% reduction in cycle time
  • 30% increase in ROI
  • 21% reduction in integration points
  • 15% increase in business volume
  • More than $1M in savings due to application replacement
  • Improved decision-making through real-time data availability
  • Better adherence to risk and compliance
  • Reduction in human errors
Business Situation

Inordinately long approval times owing to manual interventions and multiple touchpoints in the leasing/lending origination process.

Business Challenges

The leasing/lending origination process is a complex effort involving multiple steps such as risk assessment and regulations compliance. There are various products & processes having multiple input/output criteria and data sources (internal and external). The key business objectives of this project included the following:

  • Automate processes to lower the turn-around-time (TAT)
  • Minimize risk of missing crucial information and use real-time information for better decision making
  • Increase volume of deals processed per day
  • Uniformly incorporate changes in risk and compliance regulations.
Birlasoft Solution

Birlasoft brought its process expertise with experience in leasing and lending domain and deployed the one touch solution. Below listed are some of the key highlights of the solution:

  • Real-time integration with leasing/lending source and sales force
  • Automated decision analysis workflows
  • Integration of more than 18 external systems with CRM (customer relationship management) and realization of more than 25+ integration points
  • Efficient handling of 30-40 transactions per minute
  • Migrate from legacy EDI based solution to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)