US private label cards major overhauls CRM platform to improve customer support efficiency and drive faster regulatory response

  • Customer

    Largest private label cards provider in US

  • Industry


  • 70% reduction in average call handling time from 10 minutes to 3 minutes
  • 24X7 availability across 20+ centers worldwide
  • 1.6million+ transactions serviced per day
  • $1M+ in savings
  • 100% SLA Compliance
  • Single application catering to all customers and supporting multiple functional modules of credit cards
  • Ability to dynamically maintain business regulations and add business promotions
Business Situation

The client had majority of the market share in the US region and was hamstrung by its legacy mainframe CRM Application. Used by Call Centers Reps (CSRs) to support their clients, the existing systems needed an overhaul on four fronts-

  • to be able to handle large volumes (to the tune of 1.6 million)
  • be agile to changes in the business regulations
  • improve customer response times
  • offer multi-language support

The client assigned Birlasoft the task of injecting the application with high-quality features that would cover all operational processes.

Business Challenges
  • Build a world-class transaction processing platform
  • Optimize business process flows and reduce screen response time to under 2 seconds
  • Ensure 100% availability of the system
  • Ensure faster turnaround to implement business changes and enhancements
  • Minimize investment and operational costs
  • Maximize client value and focus on differentiating capabilities
  • Standardize technology and business processes
Birlasoft Solution

Birlasoft's solution enhanced the scalability and robustness of the CRM application, increasing the CSRs' productivity and enhancing the support they provided to their customers.

  • The system enabled the management of all operational processes -- collections, deposits, customer services, promotions, cross-selling, etc. It was capable of handling more than 10,000 users in more than 20 centers, across five countries.
  • Use of generic configurable application architecture offered support in multiple languages, and ensured adaptability to changing business regulations. This in turn helped CSRs cross sell more.