Are you ready to address customer challenges and navigate digital CX transformation for exceptional B2B experiences?
Welcome to our exclusive webinar in collaboration with UKISUG, where we delve into the pivotal realm of CRM transformation and its profound impact on B2B customer experience. In today's digital-first era, businesses must navigate evolving customer expectations by embracing technological innovation. Join us as we uncover practical strategies to overcome CRM transformation challenges and elevate your B2B customer experience to unparalleled levels.
Who Should Attend:
  • CXOs and Business Leaders
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Customer Experience Managers, ERP Heads
  • OTC Experts, Digital Commerce Experts
  • IT and Technology Leaders
  • CRM Implementation Teams
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  • Addressing Customer Challenges: Explore how digital-first businesses tackle customer challenges with innovative technology, delivering seamless B2B experiences.
  • Navigating Digital Transformation: Understand the necessity of digital CX transformation to meet customer expectations, emphasizing simplicity, personalization, and interactivity.
  • Reinventing B2B Order-to-Cash: Gain insights into reinventing the B2B order-to-cash process for a competitive edge and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Meeting Customer Expectations: Discover key features B2B customers seek, including digital self-service portals and automated payment reminders, from manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Optimizing Backend Operations: Learn about tying customer experience reinvention to backend operations, ensuring real-time data access and enhanced efficiency.
  • Maximizing Business Benefits: Explore how improving B2B customer experience leads to cost reduction, quicker quoting, and increased customer loyalty.
  • Effective Communication: Obtain valuable tips on prioritizing customer satisfaction and effectively communicating added value to customers.
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Michael Casula
Michael Casula
Vice President, ERP
With extensive experience in business transformation and ERP programs, Michael brings invaluable insights into CRM transformation success.
Pulkit Agrawal
Pulkit Agrawal
SAP CX Practice and Delivery Manager
As an Associate Director of SAP CX, Pulkit's expertise in SAP projects and global experience enriches our understanding of B2B customer experience excellence.