In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, harnessing the power of data is paramount for achieving operational excellence.
Join us for an illuminating discussion as industry leaders from Microsoft and Birlasoft explore the world of Virtual Factories, where digital twins, AI/ML, IIoT, and cloud technologies come together to transform manufacturing processes.
Key Topics Include:
  • Building Virtual Factory Floor with Digital Twins, AI/ML, IIoT, Cloud: Explore how integrating digital twins, AI/ML analytics, IIoT, and cloud infrastructure creates virtual factory environments mirroring real-world operations.
  • Multiple Use Cases with Virtual Factory Implementation: Discover practical applications like predictive maintenance, collaborative operations, and quality control, transforming manufacturing practices for efficiency gains.
  • Challenges, Benefits & Value Realized: Uncover implementation challenges, and learn how virtual factories drive improved productivity, reduced downtime, enhanced quality, and increased agility.
  • Future Strategy Ahead: Gain insights into the future of data-driven manufacturing and virtual factory technologies, shaping long-term strategies to stay competitive.
Yury Gomez
Yury Gomez
Global head of Commercial strategy, Process Industries
Advait Waghmare
Advait Waghmare
SVP and Head – Industry Solution
Paul Menig
Paul Menig
Senior Business Consultant, Manufacturing
Who Should Attend
  • Manufacturing executives, including:
    • Heads of plant
    • Heads of supply chain
    • Procurement heads
    • Warehouse supervisors
    • Operations managers
  • Data scientists specializing in manufacturing analytics
  • It professionals in the manufacturing sector
  • Individuals interested in data-driven manufacturing technologies