With brick-and-mortar stores on the decline, a personalized offering approach, operational efficiency, integration across commerce, sales and service will determine how you stay relevant, connected, and engaged to your customers online. Stay ahead of your competition and retain your Brick & Mortar customers with omnichannel web store solution to offer them more secure and use friendly experience.
In this session, learn how to delight customers, listen, and respond in real-time while establishing trusted relationships Using SAP Customer Experience solutions.
Explore how Birlasoft helps organizations adapt quickly with an accelerated deployment approach that is scalable and compliant for sustainable future growth with our CX SPRINT packaged solutions.
Key Takeaways:
  • Develop a personalized, frictionless commerce
  • Build and maintain trusted relationships with customers
  • Respond in real-time to customer feedback, requests and issues
  • Seamless Integration and visibility for Front Office and Back Office Operations
  • Improve Sales with personalized cross selling & upselling offering
  • Explore a fixed price, fixed scope, cloud delivery model for rapid deployment
Satish Patnaik
Satish Patnaik
Former Head, SAP Sales, India
As Head of SAP Sales, India, at Birlasoft, Satish helps businesses embark on Industry 4.0 trends like Intelligent Enterprise, Digital Transformation, AI & ML & Data Analytics IT & OT Automation, SaaS, PaaS, RPA, IoT, AR-VR. Having an extensive experience of addressing customer challenges in industry verticals like Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, CPG & Life Sciences, Satish believes in developing Long Standing Relationships with his customers.
Satish Patnaik
Sandeep Kumar
Practice Director, SAP CX
Sandeep is an Ecommerce Technology expert with 14+ yrs. of extensive experience with delivering comprehensive Ecommerce solutions, consultative selling, Integrations and migrations of enterprise business process into customer centric solution. He has worked on various customer experience platforms including SAP Commerce, Cloud for Customer, and Salesforce. Sandeep currently is spearheading an initiative as Practice Director for supporting all global engagements for Pre-Sales, RFP/Bid Management, Competency and Talent Development and Resource Utilization.
Yaswanth Kotakonda
Yaswanth Kotakonda
Practice Lead, SAP Business Unit, Birlasoft
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