January 30, 2017:  John Schiff has joined KPIT as a strategic advisor to KPIT's leading JD Edwards practice. He has been part of JD Edwards for much of its history and was Oracle's Vice President and General Manager of JD Edwards World. John, most recently, led the business development function for the JD Edwards Product Strategy and Development team. In this role he oversaw partner relationships building a robust loyal educated product services network. During his career with JD Edwards he has led product development, strategy, management, and marketing. He has been active with user groups, customer loyalty programs and support teams.
"John's contributions to the JD Edwards' ecosystem throughout his career have been some of the most impactful. We are honored to have such a highly respected, well known industry icon choosing to work hand in hand with us. His strategic insight and experience will bring a wealth of knowledge and benefits to our JD Edwards customers", says Milind Joshi, Vice President and Head of Oracle JD Edwards Practice, KPIT.
"I have worked with KPIT for many years and I've chosen to personally partner with KPIT because I believe in their vision, innovation and proven expertise not only in JD Edwards, but industry solutions that truly benefit the customers' business outcome. I also know that KPIT is a strategic partner for customers and Oracle. I look forward to working together with KPIT to provide a positive impact and additional value to all JD Edwards customers". explains John Schiff.
John Schiff
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