Birlasoft embodies customer centricity and hence we are dynamic in improving customer experience. One significant innovation that we brought about for this is VINCI (Value IN Customer's Interest). VINCI is an exceptional online platform, crafted in-house, with the sole purpose of capturing all the value-adds that contribute to customers business excellence through enriched business user experience.
Reported Value adds include a wide array of optimization processes, reusable components, and automation steps deployed in our solutions for customer requirements, to achieve time and cost savings. Every value-add undergoes a rigorous and streamlined workflow of reviews. This meticulous process ensures that, the investment required aligns with the anticipated benefits. Moreover, VINCI's universal accessibility, user-friendly interface, and collaborative environment, expedites the assessment process, and ensures delivery of exceptional value-add services.
VINCI being a continuously evolving, agile portal, has the following unique characteristics:
  • We engage in proactive and transparent communication with our customers, ensuring their needs are met promptly and effectively.
  • The robust data – based validation workflow ensures that the value adds are well reviewed and then certified to align to perceived quantifiable customer benefits.
  • Real-time dashboards powered by the Business Intelligence platform - Lumenore, provide us with comprehensive visibility into critical metrics, empowering us to make data-driven decisions.
The successful implementation of VINCI, coupled with our commitment to domain expertise, technical excellence, effective delivery assurance, has firmly established Birlasoft as a trusted "Partner for the customer." We are dedicated to co-creating value that directly impacts our customers' revenue, cost, and productivity.
VINCI has thus won multiple industry recognitions across the years for it’s innovative assurance towards customer success and business excellence.
VINCI Workflow
Tangible and Intangible benefits realised for the value adds can be logged on this portal. Also, these Value Adds are used for cross pollination among different projects.