Customer Overview
The customer is a drilling contractor providing worldwide offshore drilling services to the Oil and Gas industry.
The customer wanted Birlasoft to support them in the WAN transformation on their Rigs.
Business Challenges
The existing VSAT connections on the rigs had low bandwidth (8-10 Mbps) and costs were very high. The latency of existing VSATs was very high (700 – 800 ms) and there were multiple hops (Rig – ISP Teleport – Device – DC). This led to application performance issues and dependency on VSAT providers for any configuration changes.
Birlasoft Solution
The Starlink solution, that delivers satellite based high-speed broadband internet connection, is being deployed on the rigs to replace the VSATs. Birlasoft, who is the Network services provider for the customer, is involved in implementing the Starlink solution and the same has been deployed on 9 rigs. Birlasoft was also involved in the Network refresh across these rigs.
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Value Delivered
The deployment of the Starlink solution resulted in –
  • 99.99% network availability
  • 95% reduction in latency
  • 50% reduction in TCO
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