The client is a significant player in the telecommunications industry, holding the position of the second-largest wireless network provider in the United States. Known for its widespread network coverage, the client takes pride in its thorough and advanced 4G LTE infrastructure, which guarantees nationwide smooth and high-speed wireless communication. Looking ahead, the client has ambitious plans to maintain customer satisfaction by implementing national 5G capabilities that will bring about transformative changes.
The Challenge
Revenue Leakage Due to Failures in Billing Systems
The client manages multiple complicated billing systems and endeavour to avoid failures in its overall systems. Inaccuracies within the system, arising from coding glitches or programming bugs, can lead to an alarming scenario where the revenues failed to match the set numbers. The fault for certain may happen was closely related to the calculations determining customer charges based on usage.
The issue was two-fold. Firstly, undercharging where customers benefited from services without bearing the appropriate costs. Secondly, overcharging through incorrect promotion or billing became an issue as customers were slapped with bills that didn't align with their actual usage. Identifying the root causes of these billing failures allowed the client to realize the gravity of this issue. The client contacted Birlasoft to help setting up processes find deficiencies in billing systems ensuring data tracking and quality control measures. Fixing this was important because it affected their money and their customers’ trust.
Limited Accounting and Telecommunication Process Knowledge
Accounting and telecommunications processes posed another roadblock for the client. The complexities in these transactions required an in-depth understanding that the client struggled with. This knowledge gap increased the risk of inefficiencies and oversights, creating problems across their operations.
Employees handling the technicalities of billing procedures account reconciliation, and industry-specific compliance requirements often needed help with errors and confusion. These increased operational costs exposed the client to potential regulatory defaults inturn seeking more expertise.
Recognizing the significance of this challenge, the client understood that they needed to train their resources for a better outcome. The aim was to enrich the process knowledge, ensuring that their workforce was well-equipped to handle the complexities that lay ahead.
Lack of Tools and Data collection metrics
The situation became even more complex with the need to venture into 5G—traditional data dealing methods needed to be revised to drive new growth. More than simply relying on old methods for data services was required. Additionally, as 5G opened doors to new possibilities, the client faced the challenge of developing innovative business models that could tap into the potential of industry convergence.
There were minimal tools or knowledge to make things easier, so creating and checking data became very hard. The absence of efficient validation mechanisms meant that errors and inconsistencies within customer records, network configurations, and billing data often went undetected until the damage was done.
As critical as it was to address the challenge of network parameters, customer profiles, and billing intricacies, the lack of expertise further escalated the data handling issues. This was especially evident when dealing with different customer categories. The data produced varied dramatically regarding data formats, how calculations were done, the level of detail in time measurements, and more.
Birlasoft Solution
Birlasoft played a pivotal role in addressing the challenges faced by the client regarding data creation and validation. Recognizing the situation's complexity, Birlasoft was selected as the preferred partner to tackle these issues head-on and ensure the accuracy of various critical aspects. One of the key areas Birlasoft focused on was the billing systems. This involved examining the client's billing processes for pre-paid and post-paid services. By delving deep into these platforms, Birlasoft aimed to identify any inconsistencies or errors that might lead to inaccuracies in customer charges. This step was crucial to prevent revenue leakage, where the client might lose money due to incorrect billing calculations.
Birlasoft extended its expertise to validate the General Ledger (GL) and Accounts Receivable (AR) processes. This involved improving financial records and transactions to ensure they were accurate and aligned with industry standards. Birlasoft’s involvement in back-office validation was crucial in streamlining the operational efficiency of the client's business processes. This validation encompassed various aspects of the client's operations, from data management to workflow optimization. By identifying and solving inefficiencies, Birlasoft enhanced the client's overall workflow and resource utilization.
Birlasoft also ensured that the billing processes complied with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This involved carefully assessing the client's billing practices against the established financial standards. By doing so, Birlasoft deployed the solution that ensured the client's financial reporting was accurate, transparent, and aligned with global accounting norms.
Solution aspect #1
One of the steps taken by Birlasoft was recognizing the need for automation to tackle the detailed database. Birlasoft's experts designed and developed a Python-based solution to automate recording data from different types of network users. The implementation process involved comprehending the specific data formats, calculation methods, and time. The Python scripts were written to track each user's unique data characteristics. These scripts considered data transformation, calculations, and formatting, turning manual data creation efforts into automated processes.
The results were transformative. The Python-based solution significantly reduced the manual effort required for data creation and markedly improved data accuracy and consistency. Time-consuming and error-prone manual procedures were replaced by efficient, code-driven automation. This shift saved valuable time and resources and minimized the risks of human errors that had previously plagued the data creation process.
The automation framework enabled the client to adapt to the demands of modern data management, empowering them to harness data effectively for innovative business models. Birlasoft's solution was pivotal in enabling the client to focus on strategic steps and seize the opportunities presented by the potential scope of telecommunications and 5G technology.
Solution aspect #2
A rulebook was developed that helped ensure the data provided by the different network equipment types was accurate, consistent, and compatible. These rules covered many aspects, including data formats, calculation methods, time measurements, and more. This approach was critical in ensuring that data from different sources could be compared, combined, and analyzed without the risk of errors or inconsistencies.
This precision was particularly crucial given the client's transition into the 5G spectrum, where the importance of accurate data for decision-making and business growth had a huge impact. Birlasoft collaborated closely with the client to understand the intricacies of these network types and the data they generated. This allowed them to develop rules tailored to each network type, minimizing the chances of overlooking important details.
Solution aspect #3
The models were designed to capture the unique characteristics of each type of network, allowing for streamlined and accurate accounting procedures. Creating these financial models involved an in-depth understanding of the intricate details of the client's network infrastructure. Birlasoft's experts collaborated closely with an accounting solutions provider to gather data, categorize, and ease the research process to simplify the data.
Once this foundational knowledge was gathered, Birlasoft employed its technical expertise to design financial models that could accommodate data inputs. These models standardized the data, converting it into a standard format that accounting could efficiently process and analyze. By implementing these standardized financial models, Birlasoft enabled the client to mitigate the challenges of varying data sources and calculation methods.
Solution aspect #4
The test case library served as a collection of predefined test cases covering various scenarios. These test cases were tailored to simulate multiple data inputs and outputs the client's network could generate. By building this library, Birlasoft enabled the client to test and validate their networks more effectively, ensuring that the data produced was accurate and aligned with the expected outcomes.
The key to Birlasoft's approach was reusability. By using knowledge and test cases in easily accessible repositories, the client's teams could avoid reinventing the wheel for each new type of network equipment. This saved time and effort and improved the consistency and reliability of the data validation process.
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The Impact
Birlasoft took on the task of streamlining the operations for the client, who needed help with revenue leakage, data management, validation, and a restricted accounting and telecommunication skillset. The client required a solution to gather data tied to user-related purchases to increase revenue. Moreover, the client had the challenge of accurately breaking down the costs associated with their network infrastructure.
In response, Birlasoft devised a strategic approach. They developed an in-house solution that addressed multiple aspects of the problem. This encompassed setting up mechanisms for data collection, implementing automation processes, establishing rule management protocols, creating financial models, and constructing a repository for knowledge. Birlasoft introduced a comprehensive data management and governance framework. This framework facilitated the client's access to critical master data from various locations with ease. This gave the client real-time visibility into their network operations, including detailed insights into the costs associated with active and inactive users. The outcome of these measures- increased cost savings, enhanced operational efficiency, and an overall improvement in the quality of the network services.
The implementation of Birlasoft's solutions not only resolved the client's immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for long-term improvements.
2X Faster Time to Market for Billing Programs, Promotions, Financing, etc.
By streamlining data collection, automation, rule management, and financial modeling, Birlasoft effectively minimized the time required to conceptualize, design, and launch these programs. This newfound agility enabled the client to respond swiftly to market trends and customer demands. The client was now equipped with a faster response time, a feature previously needing to be improved due to the complexities of their operations.
Reduction in Overall Reconciliation Errors
The data management and governance framework introduced by Birlasoft proved instrumental in significantly reducing reconciliation errors. By ensuring easy access to accurate master data and facilitating real-time visibility into network operations, the framework curtailed the chances of discrepancies going unnoticed. This led to a substantial 30% reduction in overall reconciliation errors.
Previously prevalent errors pushed from variations in data formats, calculations, and other complexities were effectively mitigated. The streamlined process of verifying and cross-referencing data increased accuracy, reduced disputes, and minimized financial discrepancies. This error reduction bolstered the client's financial integrity and trust among their customers and partners.
Increased Productivity
Birlasoft's integration of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and advanced testing solutions profoundly impacted the client's operational efficiency. The deployment of RPA enabled the automation of repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable human resources for more strategic and value-added activities. This transition from manual tasks to automated workflows led to a remarkable 20% improvement in productivity.
The client's need for enhanced productivity led them to seek Birlasoft's expertise. They required a streamline enterprise application process to bring efficiency in their existing system, which had been causing operational delays. By systematically validating data inputs, outputs, and calculations, the testing solutions minimized errors, streamlined processes, and enhanced the quality of the client's services. Birlasoft enabled the client's reporting system to produce standardized reports. These reports provided insights to channel their resources toward innovation and growth.
Massive data validation proved instrumental in addressing the challenges posed by the client's diverse network equipment and the transition to 5G technology. The approach increased data accuracy, reduced errors, and improved the efficiency of data management processes. Through close collaboration and technical expertise, Birlasoft successfully delivered a solution that empowered the client to harness their data assets' potential in the telecommunications industry's dynamic landscape.
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