Englert Inc.
Birlasoft's client, Englert, has been a leading manufacturer of Metal Roofing, Metal Wall Panels, Soffits, and Gutter systems for more than 50 Years providing quality products and services across the globe. Englert has its corporate office and manufacturing sites in North America-NJ, Sales offices, and small assembly units in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. For over 50 years, Englert has been the gold standard, and it's built on a simple core principle, "dedicating ourselves to help customers succeed." Englert is more than just about top-quality metal roofing and gutters. It is an industry pioneer in the cutting edge of innovation to continuously meet the challenges of a changing world. In addition, our Englert is leading the industry with its unmatched customer service teams.
ELM Structure
  • Englert have five distribution centres
  • LeafGuard Fifty Branches / Distribution centres across North America
  • MetalMan have five Branches / Distribution centres

Learn how Birlasoft leveraged Smart AMS Approach to create a more structured software development and application maintenance process.

How did Birlasoft help Englert Inc.?
Birlasoft provides Application Managed Services for Infor CSI (Syteline) with its core modules, add-ons, and third-party applications hosted on the Infor AWS cloud.
Core Modules
  • Production management
  • Material planning and product costing
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • General ledger
  • Inventory control
  • Order management, shipping, and invoicing
  • Purchasing and receiving
  • Service
Add On
  • Factory track
  • CPQ
  • Credit card
Upcoming Projects
  • Quality Module
  • Factory assets – Service Maintenance
  • PO Requisition approval workflow
Third Party Integration
  • AX ERP system to Infor order entry
  • CMD
  • Avalara
Why did Englert choose Birlasoft as its Solution Partner?
Birlasoft has been in this business segment for over 15 years. The experience over the years has helped Birlasoft gain expertise in this domain and made it the right fit for Englert.
Partnership Domain Alignment
Birlasoft's 15+ years of experience and long-standing relationships in this domain with customers in the Infor space have helped it develop the right market understanding.
Scalable & Flexible
Birlasoft's ability to service globally and across diverse technologies using offshore and near-shore models perfectly aligns with the Englert's interest. It has warehouses and operations running at multiple locations.
AMS Expertise
Over the years, Birlasoft has proven itself in large-scale Application Management Services (AMS) and has successfully managed services engagements with many global customers.
Transition Methodology
Birlasoft's unique way of leveraging the existing knowledge repository and usage of smart AMS tools, templates, and accelerators gives the perfect transition experience.
Over the years, Birlasoft has developed a team of Infor experts who have helped ace the projects in this domain. Birlasoft has 300+ Infor professionals. Birlasoft has over two decades of experience and has handled clients and projects across the globe, making it the right choice for organizations looking for experienced professionals.
YoY service cost reduction
Birlasoft offers unique year-on-year services for cost reduction. Their cost reduction model helps dial down the costs by about 8 to 10%.
The Challenge
Open application issues and production bottlenecks
Englert's business unit heavily relied on Infor CSI (Syteline) processes from planning and procurement to manufacturing, sales, and finance.
Englert struggled with a huge pile of application issues that needed a prioritization process and enhancements from across the departments to optimize the business processes. In addition, the company's production processes were getting inefficient by the day and needed streamlined inventory movements to keep them in check.
Monthly Uplifts
Due to heavy customizations on cloud, handling monthly uplifts was another challenge for Englert. Smooth execution of version update, handling large custom codes and managing post upgradation issues was a tough task which was effecting the business productivity.
Process Adoption
Process adoption for industry best practices was one of the biggest challenges for our Englert, as 250+ users were working across all satellite locations.
Round the Clock IT services
Englert runs its manufacturing operations around 24X7. Their Existing vendor partner was unable to provide IT resolution and services on off-hours and during weekends.
Extensions on Cloud
Many extensions were added to meet the business expectation, and maintaining those extensions was another challenge for Engert, like uplift and handling these extensions on the course of application uplift.
High Business Expectations
Since 250+ users across all business areas are working under a single umbrella, there was a high demand for new extensions in Englert’s business operations.
The Solution
Leveraging the Birlasoft Smart AMS Approach to help find solutions to all the challenges:
Many organizations often spend millions of dollars on implementing solutions and making business processes more efficient but they often leave the real value of these solutions untapped. They succumb to the common misconception that creating the system is an end; once the ribbon is cut, the benefit is achieved, and new needs won't emerge. The timing and decisions for how an enterprise application will be serviced profoundly impact its total cost of ownership (TCO), risk, end-user satisfaction, and solution agility. Miscalculated budgets often lead to an increase in maintenance costs for the solution.
Clearing Bottleneck
Birlasoft adopted the Smart AMS approach to clear the bottleneck for existing open tickets and enhancements. A dedicated and skilled functional and development team was assigned to clear the chart. Development processes are designed in a way so that our Englert's business analysts can also participate in the development process to minimize requirement understanding gaps and maximize the production output.
Birlasoft Round the Clock services
Birlasoft provided round-the-clock issue resolution services to Englert in different shifts. The dedicated email and contact numbers were given to the Englert team. As of now, Englert has services available during holidays, off-hours, and weekends.
Development and Issue Tracking
Birlasoft implemented Swift tools to track status, timelines, and resources for issues and developments. In addition, Swift tools derive all weekly/monthly reporting data.
Onsite Consulting and Training
Birlasoft's presence in the US region makes consulting and implementation more comfortable for Englert. They were provided On-site consulting services to utilize the Infor CSI product completely and improvise product knowledge. Birlasoft's team also carried out regular training programs for all modules across all business areas.
Post go live Training
Birlasoft conducted regular workshops onsite or online to Educate users for new and existing functionalities, Details training, workshops, and coaching towards best practice.
Handling Monthly Updates on Cloud
Birlasoft handles custom codes during monthly uplifts very smoothly and effectively with their specialized functional and technical team. The suffering from issues during uplifts were reduced from high to minimal or No issue, this enhances business productivity.
Managing Product Environment
Birlasoft manages all extensions (enhancements) during uplift, which Infor performs monthly. The handling of extensions is done better so that there will be no impact on the production server for business users.
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The Impact
Financial Impact
  • Overall, 60% total cost saving by delivering production management activities under an offshore model
Strengthen AMS landscape
  • Streamlining the production environment by deploying Birlasoft Application Managed Services
  • Established standard procedures, and protocols to service business efficiency for Break-fix and Customization
  • Monthly uplift program for functional and technical updates and established best practices for collaboration between all teams
Decision Making
  • A robust reporting system leads to better communication, improved productivity, accuracy, and cost-efficiency
User Satisfaction
  • Gain end-user satisfaction by providing follow-up training and best practices knowledge transfer from Birlasoft professionals
  • Birlasoft conducted a detailed, customized training plan with Englert processes and data, which brings a high confidence level to the end-users and improves daily business activities
  • Overall agreement with Birlasoft is working well, and feedback from management is well noted
  • Fast, seamless processing of critical functions leads to a smoother and richer user experience
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