Birlasoft provided Infrastructure and Application Managed services solution to a Global manufacturing company, helping them overcome decentralized support and fragmented outsourcing challenges. This enabled the customer to consolidate support services, streamline their operations and achieve required cost savings.
Customer Overview
The customer has a strong global presence across 100+ countries with several manufacturing facilities worldwide.
Business Challenges
The customer encountered numerous obstacles with their support model, involving insourced and fragmented outsourced work. The support services were decentralized, without standardized procedures or uniform monitoring tools. The involvement of multiple vendors in support services resulted in a disorganized and ineffective approach. The absence of automation and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) made it difficult to maintain uniform service quality.
Birlasoft Solution
Birlasoft provided a comprehensive managed services solution that addressed the customer's challenges by consolidating their infrastructure services and transitioning from multiple vendors. This solution included a multilingual global service desk covering five languages, Server support, Storage & backup, Database services, Active directory, Network support and Cloud management.
Birlasoft harmonized the disparate processes globally and standardized the IT Service Management platform on ServiceNow during transition. A common monitoring and Event correlation (AIOps) platform was set up to cover the entire IT infrastructure landscape. Standard SLAs and KPIs were defined across the services.
Value Delivered
Birlasoft's managed services solution enabled consolidation of services from multiple vendors to Birlasoft. This consolidation led to streamlined support services, reducing the complexity of managing multiple vendors. Additionally, the customer got a significant upfront reduction of more than 30% in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Furthermore, the solution brought process standardization and introduced a single IT Service Management (ITSM) tooling, resulting in more efficient service delivery. With all IT infrastructure consolidated under a common AIOps solution, Birlasoft's managed services solution provided improved monitoring and event correlation leading to faster issue resolution. This also ensured a unified view of the customer's IT landscape and has helped IT provide more value to the business.
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