Customer Overview
Customer is an American multinational corporation that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods. Each division has its own cloud journey leveraging primarily AWS and Azure with 600+ cloud accounts.
Business Challenges
The Cloud spend across CSPs was 25%+ higher than their budget. There were show back challenges due to incorrect tagging. There was a lack of strong governance with business groups not following up on cloud optimization suggestions.
Birlasoft Solution
The Birlasoft solution entailed initial assessment of top 20 accounts across divisions. We set up FinOps governance model to ensure tagging & show back and integrated dashboards with the customer corporate FinOps tool. There were recommendations to track and report ongoing benefits. Account/business owners get automated notification if their spend is beyond predefined thresholds. There was a risk reward model defined for FinOps.
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Value Delivered
  • Birlasoft achieved 23%+ savings in Cloud spends across the top 20 accounts
  • Achieved ability to provide show back of Cloud charges
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