Digital Transformation has established its stronghold in almost every industry today.
An organization's digital transformation journey begins with the awareness and desire to update the existing tech stack to compete in the current business scenario and cater to dynamic customer demands. IT is the backbone of every organization, regardless of its scale of operations. It is the key to driving business growth.
This realization came to our client, a Tier 1 SEM supplier of agricultural and earth moving equipment based in the European Union. They wanted to upgrade their existing Infor LN on-premises system, which they had been using for over a decade, and migrate to the latest Infor LN cloud suite version. They approached Birlasoft to help them with the transformation journey.

Tier 1 Agriculture Equipment Supplier Spurs Digital Innovation with Infor LN Cloud Suite (Automotive)

The Challenge
Migration from Infor LN on-premises to cloud version (MT-Multi Tenant) proved complicated while trying to follow industry-specific best practices.
The client wanted to move to the Infor Cloud MT version as Infor offers a continuous upgrade on the cloud. In addition, Infor's Implementation Accelerator helps in reducing customization and adopting standard processes and industry best practices. The standard features in Infor Cloud Suite LN CE, Infor Factory track will replace the need for too many customizations in the on-prem version. Furthermore, Infor ION has standard features that will eliminate the need for customized workflows and alerts.
The most critical challenge was to align the existing mapped business process in ERP LN with the available new features and best practices offered in ERP LN (MT). It was important to configure the data model to the cloud for a successful migration. However, this also involved mitigating risk and providing data security. In addition, the client was using on-premises Infor LN with heavy customization, and they were dependent on the local vendor to fulfill their business requirements.
The migration process came with its challenges since it was complex to move from on-premises Infor LN to the cloud version. Moreover, apart from data, customizations and integration with third-party on-premises systems were also proving difficult to migrate.
Complex integrations with other homegrown/third-party on-premises systems, heavy customizations, and workflows
The client had also integrated their existing IT setup with several other third-party systems and systems integrated with shop floor reporting data, tracking the quality, and complex data processing with unique electronic payment systems. Local vendors developed all these integrations with multiple tracking revisions and difficult-to-update patches. Furthermore, the client’s landscape had heavy customizations related to workflows, alerts, reports, and the MES (manufacturing execution system). The client had poor source code and configuration management processes for managing their custom components build across the IT landscape.
The Solution
60-30-10 Solution Model
  • Birlasoft engaged with the client to collaborate and educate them on the value of migrating to the cloud and the benefits that business will be able to derive utilizing the latest features and capabilities offered by the Infor CloudSuite solution. Birlasoft conducted a series of workshops to analyze and evaluate the challenges with the current solution landscape.
  • As part of the solution proposal, Birlasoft worked with the client and educated the team about the benefits of decommissioning their customizations and embracing the cloud capabilities along with best practices based on standard out-of-box solution offered as a part of Infor CloudSuite.
  • Birlasoft’s proposed approach enables the client to leverage the 60-30-10 solution model. It talks about using 60% of the solution as a Core Process of the standard offering, using 30% of the solution as a differentiator by way of configuration/personalization of the application to remain as lean (OOTB), and the remaining 10% of the solution which is unique to the client by way of Extensions and keeping it as cloud-friendly as possible.
Leveraging Cloud capabilities
  • Birlasoft utilized standard functionality of the Infor Cloud Suite LN application, i.e., Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Plan to Deliver, Record to Report, and converted customizations from the existing on-prem version to the standard functionality of the LN Cloud Suite.
  • Infor’s Factory track as a standard product to replace customizations and offers warehouse mobility, traceability, and tools for tracking labor and time and a Bar Tender application to aid the use of Hand-held devices like bar code scanners to make real-time inventory transactions. In addition, the Infor Factory Track integration helped in getting custom features to be used and connected with the Infor LN cloud suite.
  • Infor OS capabilities were utilized to develop workflows, alerts, homepages, and personalization which enabled and enhanced the user experience and productivity gains.
  • In order to integrate multiple third-party systems Infor ION capabilities were utilized which enabled seamless integration across the entire IT landscape.
Data Management Strategy
  • Birlasoft adopted a Two-Tier approach for data management which involved a master data management strategy and a data conversion strategy
  • As part of the data management strategy risk, security, archival and cutover considerations were made as the client embarked on the transformation journey.
  • Multiple data workshops and test cycles were planned and executed during the transformation journey.
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The Impact
The client’s transformational partnership with Birlasoft for migrating to the Infor cloud solution has helped them gain technological advantage and become better aligned with the evolving needs of customers and stakeholders. Their new multi-tenant cloud-based solution architecture offers best practice-based standardized business solutions with new product features and functionalities along with unified master data management strategy for supporting their global business operations.
While the client has embarked on their digital transformation journey by migrating to the Infor cloud solution, they are already experiencing productivity gains across their business operations and has further continued their digital transformation journey ready to embrace the next generational tech evolution.
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