Our client is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in India. It is a leading brand in various industries such as retail, petrochemicals, textiles, telecommunications, energy, and natural resources.
The client was using an HR app based on the SAP platform that was used through the employee lifecycle from the day of their onboarding to the day of their separation. The app's main objective was to enhance the employee experience and engagement by providing access to the HR process at the fingertips of the employees. However, the client's app was focused more on the process than the user experience, and thus the employee feedback on the app's usability wasn't meeting the client's expectations.

Enabling access to HR services at fingertips throughout the employee lifecycle from the day for hiring to retiring.

The Challenge
Enhanced User Experience: The client wanted to provide a unified user experience to its employees over the web and the mobile interface while improving the user interface and intuitiveness.
Scalability: Our client is growing at a rapid pace and hence wanted the app to be scalable to provide uninterrupted service to over 100K users
User engagement: The client wanted the app to support user engagement through which the employees could register feedback through a ‘system of engagement.' Furthermore, the client also wanted to extend the employee engagement to draw insights through a 'system of intelligence.'
Some of the functionalities that the app supported were:
  • Virtual assistant for employees
  • Leave management and Attendance regularization
  • Emergency support
  • Healthcare support
  • Resource and team management
  • Learning management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Policy Portal
  • Email Management
The Solution
Birlasoft has extensive experience in Cloud Modernization. Its Gold & ITeS 360 partnership with Microsoft in implementing its 3-Cloud strategy makes it a coveted cloud service partner for companies embarking on their modernization journey. Furthermore, Birlasoft has proven credentials as a domain expert providing IPs, solutions, and accelerators across the client’s operational industries. These technology strengths made Birlasoft a partner of choice when the client was shortlisting its implementation partner for its technology modernization program to enhance employee engagement and experience.
Birlasoft used its expertise in Microsoft Azure and design thinking approach to understand the app's functionality and find solutions that would enhance the app's usability, intuitiveness, and experience. It also seamlessly integrated key features of the app such as ChatBot, VoiceBot, and other critical functionalities with Microsoft Azure architecture.
The technology modernization exercise entailed:
  • Creation of a responsive UI with Mobile First Approach that made the UI intuitive and easier to use by enhancing the user experience
  • Enabling support for ChatBot, Voice Bot, Scan & Attach, and Share Feedback functionalities making the app truly a one-stop-shop for all the employee needs and requirements
  • Provisioning scalable and resilient Microservice-based architecture and seamless hosting on Microsoft Azure cloud, making the app future-ready, secure and sustainable.
  • Enhanced Adoption: The app gained company-wide acceptance, and around 100K+ employees started using the app.
  • One-stop-shop for HR and employee services: The client is provisioning around 34 modules and 120 microservices through the app as services to its entire employee base globally throughout their service lifecycle.
  • Improved User Experience: The app found uniform adoption and acceptance throughout the employee base, as evident from the employee feedback, which rated the app as 4.7 on the scale of 5 compared to the 3.9 ratings of the beta version before the modernization exercise.