At Birlasoft, we are committed to providing fair opportunities to all employees, create a culture that values Diversity, Equity and Inclusion , and doesn't shy away from challenging dialogues that lead to overall understanding and progress. An important extension to our diversity thrusts also include empowering our women workforce – create opportunity for them to pursue and integrate career, personal interests and responsibilities. We also understand that having a family and a career can be a balancing act and strive to support all our staff to ensure that each person is able to reach their career's full potential, while maintaining a good work-life balance.
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Kamini Shah
"As a women leader at Birlasoft, I feel both comfortable and motivated in my personal and professional development. Serving as an executive sponsor of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), I am proud to make a meaningful difference. Birlasoft is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment, ensuring equal opportunities for diverse talent. Our focus on a bias-free workplace is evident through policies, ERGs, and initiatives. Inclusion is central to our diverse culture, fostering all three C’s - Coexistence, Collaboration & Consideration. We prioritize diversity in gender, disability, ethnicity, nationality, veterans, and LGBTQ+ inclusion, attracting top talent and driving innovative solutions for clients. Our ongoing commitment includes overcoming unconscious biases, promoting inclusivity, and delivering exceptional results with understanding and respect. "
Sarika Arora Saini
"At Birlasoft, Being a DEI Leader I feel very proud that the work am doing is aligned to my higher purpose of making a difference in people’s life. I feel privileged to champion Diversity & Inclusion for an organization which propagates equitable environment & fosters a sense of mutual trust and respect in the workplace. We are persistently striving to ensure that people thrive in the company of each other, collaborating effectively to help the organization achieve its goals, Our DEI charter is focusing on Diverse hiring, sensitization and development of diverse talent & we are Continuously working towards breaking Unconscious biases and fostering an inclusive workplace."
Megha Khosla
"Women Development program(Bempowered) is close to my heart, fostering self-awareness and work-life integration for high-performing women. Birlasoft's commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion is truly empowering, thanks to the collective efforts of our dedicated teams. The session was quite inspirational and relatable. I could resonate with the situations that were discussed. We would definately need to have more of these sessions. The take aways of identifying taboos ,trusting and networking are very much required for women to make decisions around their Personal and Professional growth."
Ekkshita Ranganathany
"Joining Birlasoft has been a game-changer for me. The company's unwavering commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is not just a statement but a lived reality. Birlasoft fosters an environment where every voice matters, providing equal opportunities for growth. It's a workplace where diversity isn't just supported; it's celebrated. Proud to be part of a company driving positive change."
Nayanprabha S. Malekar
"Anne Frank (German born diarist) has very rightly said "Everyone has inside of her a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be, how much you can love, what you can accomplish, and what your potential is".
I truly cherish the overwhelming support which I received from the pillars of this organization during the thick and thins of my career. I was invariably encouraged to demonstrate the potential to 'break the monotonous' and achieve plethora of successes. 'Never give up' was the primary mantra which I have wholeheartedly leveraged from this organization.
Unequivocally, Birlasoft supports every individual without any bias to nurture and grow with full zeal. I am truly privileged and proud to be a part of this family! "
Shephali Sharma
"I joined Birlasoft a little less than 4 years ago, as part of an incubation unit with a charter to conceptualize, create, sell and deliver world class consulting and transformation capabilities. It has been an exhilarating journey since then till date to lead - and be part of a high performing team of specialized consultants, and SMEs that help deliver outstanding value to clients every day.
I love working here, because it provides me the freedom, support, enablement and grooming to articulate and realize the vision for my unit & myself. Birlasoft helped me realize facets of myself that I wasn't even aware of; thereby inculcating a 'Can Do' attitude that will remain with me forever.
The leadership team provides freedom to bring new ideas to the table, evaluate diverse view points on critical subjects, and experiment, learn and grow - both as a professional and an as an individual."
Renu Fotedar
"It has been more than 5+ years at Birlasoft and every day here brings exciting challenges; motivating me to work at my best.
How much effort one puts in his/her work, has of course no limit, because sky is the limit; but I am fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work in company which provides me opportunities to liaise with people who have enriched themselves through experience in different domains.
The company culture helps me balance both my professional, as well as personal life seamlessly. Thank you, Birlasoft! "
Lavanya Mandava
"Birlasoft gave me an opportunity to be part of a great team, which has members who are not only talented and passionate about their work, but also lend a helping hand whenever you need one.
The company's positive atmosphere and culture of encouraging new ideas has made it possible for me to complete 6+ years here."
Arti Warikoo
"At Birlasoft, I've immersed myself in a culture committed to diversity equity and inclusion. Daily, I navigate diverse roles within teams, finding each challenge a learning opportunity. Despite time zone differences, Birlasoft's flexibility ensures a perfect work-life balance. It's a people-centric organization that prioritizes career growth and cross-skilling, offering the flexibility to choose one's path. The unique culture nurtures both personal and professional fulfillment, making Birlasoft an exceptional workplace."
Marcia Sato
"Birlasoft is an organization that allows me to dream big and think of possibilities beyond my area of work. Being in a leadership position at Birlasoft, I am always challenged by customers and by the opportunity to position different technologies. This is the beauty about working in a company with innovation DNA. It also provides a workplace where I feel like my family matters and work balance is respected."
Manpreet Nagi
"At Birlasoft, my passion for learning and delivering my best has increased with every passing day. I have been able to achieve a perfect balance on the personal and professional front. Not only do I feel motivated but also feels good to know that my opinions are heard and valued. I feel proud to be a part of an organization which believes in their employees."
Sameera Nath
"We have people from all walks of life and, this diversity in Birlasoft brings several skills and meaningful engagements, which makes interaction amonsgt people easier for me. I enjoy the respect I get from my colleagues. For me success and happiness in Birlasoft is NOT the result of the amount of time I put in at work, but the quality of time and happiness I get."
Preeti Agarwal
"I feel grateful that I am working in a organization where I get complete support from my colleagues and I'm able to achieve a good work-life balance. At Birlasoft, I get several growth opportunities which gives me personal satisfaction. The safe and secure work environment and respectful culture in the organization, helps me give my best to every task I take in hand."
Vandana Prabhu
"Birlasoft is truly a gender diverse and inclusive workplace. The organization has given me the opportunity to unearth my potential by giving me a role to manage a large team and mentor the newcomers without any restraint. It offers a flexible working environment where I can adjust my work schedule according to my personal needs. I can freely voice my opinions and I know they will be heard. Overall, the environment is very encouraging in bringing out the best in me!"
Suchismita Khuntia
"I feel happy working at Birlasoft. I believe that one should never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life, and I am grateful to Birlasoft as it encourages a healthy work-life balance. Birlasoft enables me to live my life to the fullest. It's a great place to work!"
Lata Patle
"I thank Birlasoft for providing me multiple opportunities to progress, and also want to thank my seniors who have guided me. I have enjoyed my tenure at the company and would like to contribute much more to the success of the brand. Best wishes to all the #WomenAtBirlasoft. It's always great fun to work here!"
Poonam Jindgar
"At Birlasoft, I'm proud to witness a workplace where the sky's the limit for women. The success stories of our female leaders reflect a commitment to breaking glass ceilings. The organization's intrinsic value of equal treatment is evident in dedicated mentoring sessions addressing unconscious bias. Birlasoft places paramount importance on the safety and security of its employees, especially women, with zero-tolerance policies in place. The BeEmpowered—Women's Leadership Development program is close to my heart, fostering self-awareness and work-life integration for high-performing women. Birlasoft's commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion is truly empowering, thanks to the collective efforts of our dedicated teams."
Amandeep Kaur
"Birlasoft enables balancing of work and leisure seamlessly. To strike a balance in my personal life post-maternity, I got the flexibility to work on half-a-day basis. No wonder so many employees invest in a long career here!"
Mariza Vasconcelos
"Birlasoft challenges me to continue learning, adapt to new technologies, and responsibilities; helping me evolve into a better person. Collaborating with global teams daily makes me value my colleagues for consistent support."
Neha Aggarwal
"At Birlasoft, our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has evolved, shifting from mere women empowerment to fostering 'Coexistence' of both genders. Emphasizing 'Collaboration' and 'Consideration' for diverse working styles, we prioritize 'Caring' for specific gender needs. Inclusivity involves engaging men in initiatives, recognizing that diversity thrives through collective efforts. All councils now ensure equal gender participation, seeking valuable insights from diverse perspectives. Understanding and addressing requisites for both genders, we foster mutual respect for enhanced team performance. Birlasoft supports various facets of women's inclusion, spanning opportunities, flexible working hours, safety initiatives, day care services, and career relaunch programs. Our D&I committee, comprising both men and women, adheres to the philosophy of progressing 'Forward, Together.' As we strive for a gender-equal society, we embrace a vision where the term 'gender' is obsolete, allowing everyone to be their best selves."
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