Congratulations to the winners of #Xccelerate4Startups 1.0. Read the PR for more information.
A Tech Startup
A Tech Startup
New-age Digital Offerings
New-age Digital Offerings
Global Platform Attitude
Looking for Global Platform Attitude to achieve Accelerated Growth
Open to Collaborat
Open to Collaborate
Startups are the backbone of the digital ecosystem for the sheer agility, attitude, and the futuristic solutions they bring. However, they strive for global reach and access to customers.
Birlasoft, part of the multibillion dollar diversified The CK Birla Group, is proud to present
an event for fostering the start-up ecosystem and enabling a platform for them to positively impact global businesses with their solutions and ideas. This initiative focuses on discovering, aligning and partnering with innovative startups and act as a bridge to help them apply their new-age digital skills for delivering enhanced business value and elevated experience to global enterprises.
Birlasoft operates in verticals such as
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Energy and Utilities
Energy & Utilities
Media and Entertainment
Media and Entertainment
We invite startups who believe they have unique ideas, solutions, or services in any of these verticals. To learn more about Birlasoft offerings and business, explore
What's in it for you?
  • Partner with Birlasoft, a dynamic digital enterprise, to build scalable industry solutions
  • Get experience across various industry verticals
  • Opportunity to work with Birlasoft's global customers
  • Mature your idea/product/service for global fitment and take it to a broader audience base
Important Dates and Event Process (November 2019)
Important Dates
Process and Description
Current Status
6 November
Registration Closes
You register online, by filling the registration form.
Registration Closed
7 November
Shortlist Notification
Leaders from Birlasoft will screen profiles and shortlist the startups for next round.

Shortlisted startups will receive a communication for first round participation from Birlasoft

9 November
Round 1 Showcase
Shortlisted startups to present their idea/solution to Birlasoft panel.

Duration of presentation – 30 minutes

14 November
Selection for Grand Finale
Selected startups will receive a communication to notify them about their selection for Grand Finale and necessary next steps
End of Day 14 November
21 November
Grand Finale
Shortlisted startups from Round 1 to present their idea/solution to Birlasoft leaders and a global customer.

Duration of presentation – 15 minutes

Birlasoft Launches First #Xccelerate4Startups Contest Recognizing the Most Innovative Startup
Important Things to Consider
  • Travel and accommodations to be self-arranged by the participating startups
  • Food and Refreshments during the day will be arranged by Birlasoft
  • Basis the selection, participants will be allotted a timeslot of –
    • 30 minutes on 9 November for presenting their idea/solution to Birlasoft panel in Round 1
    • 15 minutes on 18 November (Final selected participants from Round 1)
  • Startups will be responsible for what they present to the panel and confirm that they hold the Intellectual Property rights for the presented solutions
  • Startups indemnify Birlasoft from any direct or indirect claims arising from any incorrectly or unrightfully presented material
  • Birlasoft reserves the primal right to select or eliminate any startup organization
  • Based on the future course decided, a teaming agreement between Birlasoft and the selected Startup will be worked out
For any queries, write to us at
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