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Supply chain disruptions are highly unpredictable and can have a crippling impact on the bottom line of manufacturers. From a drop in customer experience due to stockouts to expedited sourcing, the consequences of supplier disruptions are wide-ranging. To build a resilient supply chain and mitigate production delays, manufacturers need to build upward visibility into their supply chain. This need is being felt by 87% manufacturers today.
Backward inventory visibility means having granular visibility into the inventories of Tier-1 suppliers, in-transit inventory, and what’s happening on the shop floor. This is now an attainable vision with connected inventory visibility.
Gain deep visibility into your supply chain, respond to evolving supply chain events with tactical insights and build a resilient supplier network with Birlasoft. Our solution offers insights into the stocks of your suppliers, helps predict lead times accurately and manages deviations across the supply chain proactively with contextual insights. It integrates with ERPs of your suppliers, and carrier shipment information systems to track every moving piece in your upstream and midstream supply chain in real-time, with high precision. Now maintain optimal inventories, mitigate stockouts and overstocking, and arm your supply chain personnel with the insights they need to orchestrate hyper-optimized supply chains.
Our Service Offerings
Value Proposition
Mitigate overstocking and stockout scenarios
Leverage supplier visibility, redistribution, and variable stock configuration to maintain optimal inventory levels and reduce holding costs by 5-15%.
Drive accurate production planning and maximize throughput
Support plant managers with reliable inventory levels and lead times and enable them to orchestrate production with high efficiency.
Eliminate surprises in your supply chain
Apply advanced AI and ML algorithms to detect anomalous events in your supply chain before they manifest and take corrective actions.
Maximize working capital and improve cash flow
With enhanced production planning and leaner inventories, achieve a 10-20% increase in cash flow, and reduce your working capital by 10-20%.
Solution Features & Benefits
Attain Seamless Insight: Comprehensive Visibility in Upstream & Midstream Operations
From plant managers to supply chain directors, inventory transparency is a valued attribute for all stakeholders across the supply chain.
01 Tier-1 Supplier Visibility Gain real-time insights into suppliers' raw material stock and items in production.
02 In-transit Inventory Tracking Track the status of in-transit stock and predict accurate lead times.
03 Inventory Optimization Redistribute excess inventory amidst warehouses with a rule-driven redistribution engine.
04 Exception Management Detect quantity mismatch and time deviation across the supply chain.
05 Variable Safety Stock Configure varying safety stocks to optimize product and part availability.
06 SC Decision Support Account for lead times and costs of parts to enable improved decisions.
Personas Addressed & Solution Functionalities
Features & Functionalities Suppy Chain Director Plant Manager Line Manager Warehouse Supervisor
Executive Dashboard    
Review & Approve Inventory actions & recommendations  
Supply Chain Event Analysis & recommendations    
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Build Resilient Supply Chains With Supplier Inventory Visibility and Intelligent Control
Build Resilient Supply Chains With Supplier Inventory Visibility and Intelligent Control