Our Philosophy

At Birlasoft, Diversity starts with Inclusion. It's not just about empowerment of one gender, it's about 'Coexistence' of all of us and all of our abilities where we all 'Collaborate' while being 'Considerate'.

We are considerate to differences in working styles and also 'Caring' for the special needs of all.

At Birlasoft, we focus on a safe and secure work environment that is free from any discrimination. We believe that diversity can only be driven together - there is no other way.

All our councils have equal participation to get their valuable inputs from all fronts.

We believe in understanding the requisites and creating specific solutions enabling teams deliver better results with mutual understanding and respect.

We aim to achieve diversity in the organization by partnering and championing inclusion to achieve a diverse workplace.

No diversity initiative can be in silos, inclusion will accelerate attaining our objective.