We are committed to nurturing an inclusive environment for a diverse pool of talent with equal access to opportunities within the organization. We at Birlasoft recognize, reward, and nurture talent who drive progress and believe in being the power of DEI.
Strategic Pillars:- Coexistence | Collaborate | Considerate | Care
With a focus to create a workplace where everyone feels included, valued, and can thrive in a bias free environment, we have curated policies, procedures, initiatives, and ERG groups. We readily integrate diversity and inclusion strategies in recruitment, performance management, training and other processes to continually strengthen the inclusive environment. Inclusion is at the heart of all Diversity initiatives.
We believe in empowering not just one gender but create a workplace that supports the ‘Coexistence’ where we all ‘Collaborate’ while being ‘Considerate’ to differences in working styles but also ‘Caring’ for the special needs.
We have a dedicated council(encompassing 11 Members and an Executive Sponsor) consisting of leaders from across the organisation with the responsibility of leading, sponsoring, and promoting DEI and transforming Birlasoft into an inclusive workplace while promoting diversity and nurturing talent across diverse groups. The DEI Council is critical in developing the overall strategy, finalising key initiatives, and tracking progress towards goals and outcomes.
We have a DEI Charter with three focus areas :- Affirmative Hiring | Sensitization for Culture building | Development & Retention
Birlasoft believes in being an equal opportunity employer, where all qualified applicants receive consideration for employment based on merit regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, disability status, genetic information, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.
The company strives to maintain a work environment that is free from any harassment based on the above considerations, and aims to comply with applicable regulations.
A diverse culture ensures we have attracted the best talent and helps us build innovative solutions for our clients. We believe in understanding the requisites and creating specific solutions that enable teams to deliver better results with mutual understanding and respect.
Birlasoft Diversity Philosophy & Commitment
  • We believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is imperative to help us achieve our Vision of being.
  • We strive to create an environment of equal opportunity to all employees, candidates, and partners so that they can achieve their full potential, feel valued and appreciated for who they are.
  • We are committed to treat everyone with respect, dignity with no discrimination regardless of their race, background, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, caste, age groups, family or marital status, political affiliation, socio-economic status, veteran status, and any other characteristics that are unique to people.
  • We believe that for an organization to be truly diverse and inclusive, it is important that the culture tenets support four key cultural dimensions of Care – Consideration - Collaboration – Coexistence.
  • We shall strive to ensure that people thrive in the company of each other, collaborating effectively to help the organization achieve its goals.
Diversity at Birlasoft focuses on the following areas:
  • Gender
  • Persons with Disability
  • Ethnicity/Nationality
  • Veterans
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion
DEI Charter-Focus & Action Areas
  • Add more Diversity hiring partners
  • Quaterly Review of Key accounts
  • 1/3 rd candidatures to be Women for Managerial and Leadership positions
  • 50% Campus hiring target
  • Employee Referral scheme
  • Women returnship from career break & Maternity Returnship Program
  • Raising awareness across levels
  • Women Sensitization
  • Manager’s Sensitization
  • Vendors to be educated for bringing in diversity profiles
  • Unconscious Bias training
  • Women Leadership development Program
  • Mentoring by DEI Council /CXOs
  • Focused Engagement forums
  • Gauging engagement experience
DEI Initiatives Organization Wide
Her Voice Unplugged
  • It is a forum that brings together Birlasoft’s senior women executives(grades 5B & above) in leadership positions from across the Globe. The intent is to help women connect, inspire, learn & bond with each other personally and professionally
Connect Up
  • Early career mentoring program for women (grades 4A to 5A) through interactive conversations, the program encourages young women professionals to share their experiences at the workplace, discuss career aspirations & how to make the most of the opportunities ahead with women leaders at Birlasoft
B-empowered-Women leadership program
  • Adding to the succession pipeline by grooming women leaders in the organization to take on more senior roles going forward
  • Target Audience- Women employees in the mid-senior layer should have spent at least 1 year with the organization
  • One year learning intervention followed by 6 months 1-0-1 Mentoring Program
Rendezvous with Verve
  • Rendezvous with Verve is a Sensitization platform wherein CXOs and Senior Leaders share the nuances of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and identified collaborative ways to achieve our organizational goals
Inspiring Conversations with Customers | #SheEmpowers
  • Once every year, we invite established women leaders from our customer network to share their inspiring achievement story
Employee Friendly Policies
  • DEI Policy | Equal Opportunity Policy | Flexible Benefits Policy | Maternity Benefits Policy | POSH Policy | RPWD Act 2016 | Smart Working Model Policy | Grievance Redressal Policy | Child care policy
“We are honored to receive the Diversity Growth Award by Synchrony at the 'Path To Parity' event! 
This recognition isn't just an award; it's a celebration of our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. It's a testament to the incredible individuals who make up the Birlasoft family, each with unique perspectives and talents. Together, we're creating an environment where innovation thrives and everyone's voice is heard. We believe that diversity is not just a goal but a wellspring of strength that propels us forward, echoing the sentiment of our esteemed client, who aptly demonstrates the principle of being #bettertogether