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Achieve speed, scale, and agility with Azure DevOps and GitHub

Infuse agility across the value chain with the power of Azure DevOps & GitHub
In an era when applications must be de facto errorless, smooth, and always improving by the day and night, development teams must be more agile than ever. This calls for a seamless synergy of development and IT operations, supported by the right tooling and processes.
Bridge multiple clouds, transcontinental teams, and developer choices with the right guardrails, toolsets, and frameworks by embarking on a DevOps journey with guaranteed success.
From capability assessments and implementation to change management and managed DevOps, Birlasoft brings just the expertise and resources you need to customize your DevOps launchpad. Bridge the gaps in your CI/CD pipelines with Azure DevOps offerings and infuse limitless automation and governance guardrails by leveraging GitHub – application development and digital operations have never looked so exciting, fast, secure, and efficient.
Featured Solutions
Discovery, assessments, and consulting
Discovery, assessments, and consulting
Discover and evaluate your DevOps Maturity, build PoCs and adoption roadmaps, and pick the right products to achieve nimble DevOps at scale.
Implement, modernize and standardize
Implement, modernize and standardize
Implement enterprise IT agility with Azure DevOps and GitHub, modernize and standardize your CI/CD pipelines, and adopt GitHub to foster collaboration.
Managed DevOps services
Managed DevOps services
Empower your teams as we undertake end-to-end ownership of your DevOps program or build your DevOps CoE with our agile and scalable framework.
VSDP advisory and implementation
Value Stream Delivery Platforms advisory and implementation
Rationalize point DevOps solutions and orchestrate value in DevOps with the right Value Stream DevOps Delivery Platforms.
Containerization, Shift Left Security, and Observability
Containerization, Shift Left Security, and Observability
Implement DevOps parallel to containerization initiatives, integrate security into your DevOps processes, and achieve deep observability into distributed systems.
Accelerate DevSecOps
Accelerate DevSecOps
Leverage Birlasoft DevSecOps frameworks and accelerators to rescue distressed DevSecOps journeys and achieve your transformation outcomes at digital pace.
DevOps with GitHub at digital speed, powered by industry-leading Azure DevOps tools and our deep technology expertise
Modernize your CI/CD pipelines with Azure DevOps and GitHub
Faster deployment, smarter collaboration, and effortless planning with Azure Boards, Pipelines, Repos, Test Plans, Artifacts.
Automate the DevOps cycle with GitHub
Automate infrastructure, scale policies, and speed deployment with complete governance and controls
Accelerate your journey with customized plug-and-play tools
Deploy highly- integratable tools in the Azure DevOps and GitHub ecosystem to accelerate DevOps adoption and maturity
Enhanced, advanced monitoring observability across the pipelines
Leverage DevOps Value Stream Maps to identify wastage, get ahead of lead times, and eliminate technical debt
Birlasoft DevOps offerings enable enterprise to gradually derive significant benefits across the key organizational areas
Technical Benefits
Technical Benefits
Technical Benefits
  • Seamless project management & planning process.
  • Faster problem identification & resolution.
  • Standardized DevOps processes built for agility & change
  • Rapid on-boarding of projects on the DevOps pipeline
  • Smoother and faster product life cycles with continuous delivery.
  • Crystal clear visibility & control of software supply chain & operations
Cultural Benefits
Cultural Benefits
Cultural Benefits
  • Motivated, connected, happier, and more productive teams.
  • Improved professional development opportunities and cross-department knowledge exchange.
  • Seamless access to all Azure DevOps and GitHub innovations & updates
Business Benefits
Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • Faster time-to-market for new products and features.
  • More stable operating environment, resilient to failure.
  • More time to innovate and create new features for customers, rather than focusing on maintenance and fixing known bugs.
  • Seamless Azure DevOps and GitHub interfaces for democratized DevOps practices across the enterprise
Our Offerings
DevOps Consulting
Pipeline discovery and security assessments
Maturity assessment
PoC building and product selection
Build vs. Buy decisioning
DevOps implementation road mapping
Implementation and transformation
DevOps implementation
Infrastructure-as-Code implementation
Deployment automation
Pipeline modernization and standardization
Shift-left security
Code management
Managed DevOps
DevSecOps Center of Excellence
Infrastructure performance optimization
Release automation
Value Stream Delivery Platforms and Containerization
Value Stream Delivery Platform Selection
Value Stream Delivery Platforms-as-a-Service
Value Stream Delivery Platforms implementation
Containerization adoption
DevOps accelerators
Birlasoft Enterprise IT Agility Framework
Birlasoft bFast RAD Framework
Architecture blueprints and script banks
DevOps Governance Framework
Thought Leadership
The Complete Guide to Boosting Cloud Security Management With DevSecOps
The Complete Guide to Boosting Cloud Security Management With DevSecOps
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Boosting Cloud Security Management with DevSecOps
Boosting Cloud Security Management with DevSecOps