At Birlasoft, we are committed to providing fair opportunities to all employees, create a culture that values diversity and inclusion, and doesn't shy away from challenging dialogues that lead to overall understanding and progress. An important extension to our diversity thrusts also include empowering our women workforce – create opportunity for them to pursue and integrate career, personal interests and responsibilities. We also understand that having a family and a career can be a balancing act and strive to support all our staff to ensure that each person is able to reach their career's full potential, while maintaining a good work-life balance.
The #WomenSpeak...
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Quote She Wrote...
Arti Warikoo
"During my tenure at Birlasoft, I got the opportunity to work in different teams, handle different challenges, and explore new horizons. Each opportunity has been a great learning experience on a regular basis. Despite catering across geographies at different time zones, I have the flexibility to manage my work and personal life which gives me a perfect work-life balance."
Marcia Sato
"Birlasoft is an organization that allows me to dream big and think of possibilities beyond my area of work. Being in a leadership position at Birlasoft, I am always challenged by customers and by the opportunity to position different technologies. This is the beauty about working in a company with innovation DNA. It also provides a workplace where I feel like my family matters and work balance is respected."
Manpreet Nagi
"At Birlasoft, my passion for learning and delivering my best has increased with every passing day. I have been able to achieve a perfect balance on the personal and professional front. Not only do I feel motivated but also feels good to know that my opinions are heard and valued. I feel proud to be a part of an organization which believes in their employees."
Erica Kose
"At Birlasoft I find myself surrounded by incredibly smart and dedicated people. Birlasoft has given me the opportunity to work seamlessly with local and international teams while also providing a flexible work environment to support a strong work life balance. Leadership does not remain behind closed doors but rather welcomes open communication from all levels. My manager has become my mentor and I am extremely grateful for her support, knowledge sharing and transparency. The people are truly what makes Birlasoft an exceptional place to work."
Sameera Nath
"We have people from all walks of life and, this diversity in Birlasoft brings several skills and meaningful engagements, which makes interaction amonsgt people easier for me. I enjoy the respect I get from my colleagues. For me success and happiness in Birlasoft is NOT the result of the amount of time I put in at work, but the quality of time and happiness I get."
Preeti Agarwal
"I feel grateful that I am working in a organization where I get complete support from my colleagues and I'm able to achieve a good work-life balance. At Birlasoft, I get several growth opportunities which gives me personal satisfaction. The safe and secure work environment and respectful culture in the organization, helps me give my best to every task I take in hand."
Vaishali Vaid
"What makes Birlasoft stand out is, that it is an organization which focuses on inclusivity, thereby creating a conducive work environment for all its employees. Here, I have got the opportunity to play multiple and diverse leadership roles, which allowed me to take various new challenges, learn and enrich my experience."
Yvonne Sims
"Birlasoft is an innovative and collaborative culture that has enabled me to blossom into a Marketing Technology leader. Every day presents new opportunities to grow and contribute to a mission much bigger than me. 5-years later and I am still inspired & challenged by the leadership, management, and team."
Shweta Nayyar
"Birlasoft is an innovative and collaborative culture that has enabled me to blossom into a Marketing Technology leader. Every day presents new opportunities to grow and contribute to a mission much bigger than me. 5-years later and I am still inspired & challenged by the leadership, management, and team."
Sanjukta Kundu
"Birlasoft is a place which nurtured me to grow as an integrated human being, and then an inclusive leader. It always gave me new endeavors to perform and deliver. As a workplace, it helps you in improving your skills, teaches you to be accountable and provide satisfaction through enabling conducive work-life balance."
Kehkashan Jamadar
"My conviction towards Birlasoft is because of the kind of #Womanleadership we have here, which really inspires me. Birlasoft has not only given me work-life balance, but also an opportunity to do what I want to do. It has provided me with tools to help me achieve my goals without major roadblocks. I am excited to continue this awesome journey, and I prefer to advance in my career with Birlasoft as it makes me feel safe, heard and respected!"
Vandana Prabhu
"Birlasoft is truly a gender diverse and inclusive workplace. The organization has given me the opportunity to unearth my potential by giving me a role to manage a large team and mentor the newcomers without any restraint. It offers a flexible working environment where I can adjust my work schedule according to my personal needs. I can freely voice my opinions and I know they will be heard. Overall, the environment is very encouraging in bringing out the best in me!"
Chitra Singh
"It's a great learning experience at Birlasoft. I've had multiple opportunities to work on key projects. Good efforts, hard work, dedication and positive performances are praised here, and recognized too! Work here is fun, which makes you a Challenger, in addition to being Engaged and Dependable. Living the values has helped me groom myself, both professionally and personally. And the best factor here is the perfect work-life balance!"
Suchismita Khuntia
"I feel happy working at Birlasoft. I believe that one should never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life, and I am grateful to Birlasoft as it encourages a healthy work-life balance. Birlasoft enables me to live my life to the fullest. It's a great place to work!"
Nisha Ravindran
"For me, working at Birlasoft means, working in an organization where my skills and passion are valued and I feel empowered, confident and comfortable. The work environment not only supports my desire to grow in my career, but it allows me to do it in a way that works for my family. Here's to continuing my career at this exceptional company."
Akshata Thakar
"Since joining Birlasoft almost 12 years ago, the company has helped me grow tremendously as a professional. I have managed to contribute a lot to the company, and I continue to feel motivated because of the challenging tasks I get to work upon. I would say organization's good culture truly nurtures its talent, and I'm glad to be a part of this family."
Lata Patle
"I thank Birlasoft for providing me multiple opportunities to progress, and also want to thank my seniors who have guided me. I have enjoyed my tenure at the company and would like to contribute much more to the success of the brand. Best wishes to all the #WomenAtBirlasoft. It's always great fun to work here!"
Roncy Thomas
"The journey so far has been great. I had the opportunity to work on a Salesforce project from scratch. It gave me a lot of exposure and immense learning; functionally as well as technically. Apart from the learning experience, the best part of Birlasoft is its flexible working culture. I am grateful to be a part of Birlasoft, and am looking forward to more exciting opportunities!"
Rashi Anand Moolayil
"Birlasoft provides great opportunity to challenge your grey cells and nurture talent in an all inclusive culture."
Kirithika Prabhu
"Birlasoft is an amazing organization which cares for its employees. Managing a team of 20+ members while being a mother of two wouldn't have been easy without its employee centric policies, like flexi- hours, work from home, home drop facility, etc."
Poonam Jindgar
"Birlasoft is a workplace where my contribution makes a difference and I enjoy working. I get so many good opportunities to showcase my capabilities, and the glass ceiling doesn't exist here. The organization's safe and secure work environment is definitely another enabler."
Amandeep Kaur
"Birlasoft enables balancing of work and leisure seamlessly. To strike a balance in my personal life post-maternity, I got the flexibility to work on half-a-day basis. No wonder so many employees invest in a long career here!"
Ashwini Kuber
"Birlasoft as an organization has helped me give shape to my professional and personal endeavors. The organization's vision fosters values which create a healthy work environment. The value drive approach towards employee's well-being does leave a lasting impact on multiple aspects of their life."
Candace miller
"The idea of collaborating on assignments to achieve common goals at Birlasoft with great minds is very inspiring! There's a great sense of accomplishment & it motivates me to give my best."
Mariza Vasconcelos
"Birlasoft challenges me to continue learning, adapt to new technologies, and responsibilities; helping me evolve into a better person. Collaborating with global teams daily makes me value my colleagues for consistent support."
Meena Gupta
"I strongly believe Birlasoft has great vision, and the people have plethora of knowledge; encouraging one another to grow persistently."
Monika Ghodke
"Birlasoft helped me to manage various roles over 14 +years in diverse areas. The work environment has provided so much transparency, and freedom, where I could express my ambitions with my managers, while receiving opportunities to grow. Birlasoft motivates and encourages its employees to think differently and be innovative. It has been an interesting journey working with great leaders and learning in the process."

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