1. During unprecedented time HR leaders are required to make quick business decisions based on available HR data. To quickly classify employees and model various scenarios with your HR Data you were able to determine likely business impact, what was your HR data points priority order? *
(1 being top priority and 4 being low priority)
2. How did you make your recent HR Staffing decisions? *
3. What HR information did you track? *
4. Which Job retention criteria were suitable for your business? *
5. Did you make any of those recent decisions based on *
Does it require onsite access? *
6. Were the changes you made impacted by changes in supervisor? *
7. Were the changes you made impacted by changing staffing from direct to indirect (or the reverse)? *
8. Which of the following were relevant in your Cost Benefit Analysis based changes? *
9. What impact to future hiring did you experience? *
10. For personnel that were in the process of joining, which of the following was necessitated? *
11. For roles that were redesigned/will be redesigned, which of the following were considerations? *
12. For work which was to be or is being continued "from Home", which of the following were considerations? *
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