Manufacturing Industry Cloud - A Catalyst for Innovation
Create an agile plant of the future which helps you reach new levels of safety, productivity, and innovation.
Manufacturing Industry Cloud is the foundation for Industry 4.0
Shift in global economy is reshaping the manufacturing industry. Rather than traditional ways, manufacturers are investing in technological infrastructure.  
They are looking for digital tools, connected ecosystems, real-time insights to plan their production.
As achieving Industry 4.0 is the vision of most manufacturers, orchestrating manufacturing cloud is the first step towards the goal. It provides the capability to develop and run a Unified performance model across the manufacturing and supply chain operations, which can help businesses monitor and manage key KPIs, mitigate visible and invisible risks, take better business decisions, and standardize the entire manufacturing process across multiple plants globally. 
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Real Time Insight
Birlasoft can help in digitally transforming the manufacturing value chain with its unique solutions and frameworks developed to implement, orchestrate, and strengthen Manufacturing Cloud. For example, Manufacturing Digital Canvas can help our clients assimilate real-time insights into more than 85 Key Performance Indicators for managing plant performance, asset health and condition monitoring, and energy efficiency. Each set of KPIs helps our clients improve their lagging indicators for the business (see the diagram below).
Our hyperscaler-agnostic orchestration of manufacturing industry cloud leverages our sub industry specific domain depth and, purpose -built solutions and accelerators to help clients rapidly transform and achieve their industry 4.0 transformation goals
If you are a large, distributed manufacturing business, with clear aspirations to improve sustainability, carbon footprint, operational efficiency, and overall connected operations, checkout our Manufacturing Digital Canvas and other Manufacturing cloud offerings.