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Birlasoft combines the power of domain, enterprise, and digital technologies to reimagine business processes for customers and their ecosystem. Its consultative and design thinking approach makes societies more productive by helping customers run businesses. As part of the multibillion-dollar diversified
CK Birla Group, Birlasoft with its 12,200+ professionals, is committed to continuing the Group's -year heritage of building sustainable communities.
Making societies more productive by helping our customers run their businesses.
Birlasoft enables organizations in the Utilities and Energy industry to excel by focusing on innovative technology, synchronizing people, process and technology and streamlining business processes across a full breadth of applications.
What We Do
Our Capabilities
Our Capabilities
Fast Facts
Fast Facts
  • Geographic Spread: India, US, APAC & Europe
  • Average relationship tenure for Top 10 clients- 8 years
  • CSAT scores – Overall 4.7 out of 5
Line of Business
Line of Business
  • Waste Management
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Water Treatment process
  • Electricity and gas
  • Trade & distribution, Energy Logistics
  • Workforce Management
  • Customer Service
  • Energy Trading
Service Offerings
Service Offerings
  • Business and Technology Consulting
  • Digital Transformation
  • AMS Support
  • Functional & Technology Solutions
  • Testing & QA Support
  • Estimation Model, Process Analysis
Technical Space
Technical Space
  • Business Analytics & Reporting
  • Cloud, Digital Technologies
  • IOT & Predictive Analytics
  • Enterprise Solutions (SAP, Oracle, JDE)
  • CRM (Salesforce Lightning)
Solution Offerings for Utilities
Solution Offerings for Utilities
IT/OT Convergence in Utilities
IT/OT Convergence in Utilities
Smart, Safe & Sustainable
Smart, Safe & Sustainable
How Birlasoft Helps
How Birlasoft Helps
Birlasoft brings a multidisciplinary approach synchronizing people, process and technology to deliver results across the entire value chain of Utilities and Energy companies - generation, transmission and distribution, for regulated and deregulated Utilities as well as Engineering, Construction and Maintenance companies
Operations and Asset Management
Whether your asset portfolio is in the millions or billions, operating in a regulated or deregulated market, we bring a strong understanding of how you can use the right tools and applications to achieve greater asset performance, reduce risk and downtime and make sound investments for the future.
Workforce Enablement
Enable your people to be in the right place at the right time with the right tools for the job. Birlasoft experts can help you know exactly where your people are and need to be, predict workforce levels and estimate your capital projects more accurately.
Our high-availability O&M Mission Control Center combined with our field worker tools such as the user-friendly KFieldServe app can help you save money and enable smoother maintenance
Business Technology Transformation
Getting the most of your technology investment is challenging for organizations of all scales. Birlasoft can help you understand, deploy, upgrade and optimize your technology investment for all your business functionsfrom finance and HR to AMI and Customer Service.
We are a recognized leader in next generation technologies, such as SAP HANA, and we are uniquely equipped to help you enhance your business
Customer Experience
Offer your customers a better experience through all channels with best practices and the latest CIS software.
Reduce costs and accelerate time to value with UtilitiesEDGE, an award winning implementation accelerator from Birlasoft
Digital Transformation
Birlasoft can help the modern Utility accelerate digital strategy by integrating best of breed technologies with your existing technology.
Leverage Big Data and Analytics, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics as well as Mobile Apps and Tools to deliver maximum value at the right investment for you
Engineering Solutions
Birlasoft award winning engineering solutions are in the cars that you drive, power electric vehicles and more.
Our smart meters, smart solar and wind, diagnostics solutions and intelligent vehicle tracking devices can help you build a smarter, more agile and more resilient organization.
Case Studies
Delivering up to 40% productivity gains & enhanced CX with bFSM D365
Delivering up to 40% productivity gains & enhanced CX with bFSM D365
Business Challenges
  • Suboptimal data management practices
    field operations suffered significant productivity losses without the right digital platform to capture and maintain this data. Use of spreadsheets, led to complicated data management workflows.
  • Lack of standardized data validation workflows
    Disintegrated and nonstandard processes exacerbated data consolidation and validation challenges, especially as field technicians manually recorded the data from the field, which was then to be synchronized in spreadsheets.
  • Cumbersome technician experience
    Digital applications that interface the technician with the enterprise systems cannot rely on network connectivity. This was a key concern for our client, as their technicians needed to be able to record field data in the offline mode.
  • Outdated digital infrastructure
    Digital infrastructure was burdened with technical debt – it relied on manual processes to create and maintain contact data in the CRM. Moreover, field operations lacked visibility; and obtaining project-level details on field data was difficult.
Observing these challenges as we collaborated with our client’s teams, we realized that a field service management solution would be critical to overcoming these challenges, and to drive field services profitably.
Business Solution
  • Implemented Dynamics 365 Field Services to schedule field service technicians visit and capture tool readings and data calibration to improve the field level productivity.
  • bFSM D365 paved way for efficient data management.
  • Reinventing the technician experience with the RescoTM mobile app
  • Bringing it together with integrations to key systems
Now operating in digital mode, the client's field operations stood streamlined and brought major gains to the bottom line. bFSM D365, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable us to automate multiple aspects of their field operations, thereby resulting in efficient utilization of assets and resources in the field.
We have till date digitized field service processes for our client across six countries of operations. In the process, we have delivered the following impact on their business:
  • Implementing bFSM D365 has brought up to 40% productivity gains through improved scheduling, resource utilization, and streamlined, standardized digital workflows.
  • Cycle time is a key metric in field service operational efficiency, as it indicates the time a technician takes to close a work order – for our client, digital operations have resulted in 45% reduced cycle time for field service work orders.
  • Assimilating calibration data in real-time from different assets on a single pane of glass enables field service teams to make faster decisions regarding the maintenance of assets. This, in turn, contributes to better uptime and more profitable operations.
The customer reports improved CX, and all stakeholders are now enjoying a better user experience. Building on these gains, we are now spearheading field service modernization across more areas of presence for our client.
Replacing Legacy EAM Applications with SAP
Replacing Legacy EAM Applications with SAP
Business Challenges
Project Objective: Replace over 100 legacy applications with SAP FI, EAM, WM, and HR (SFSF), Optimize existing CIS system. The legacy EAM system was unsupportive. Unify asset and work management processes across companies.
Complexity: Full enterprise-wide transformation in highly regulated utilities space, retirement of 100 legacy apps.
Precedence: The Client had never completed a project of this scale on-time and on budget. SAP Utilities projects have only a 2% on-time rate.
Development: Over 400 custom development objects (WRICEFs) were successfully implemented.
Integration: Three additional large enterprise applications were seamlessly integrated with SAP during the SAP project timeline, UI Planner (Planning and Budgeting), PowerPlan (Fixed Assets), ESRI (GIS).
Timeline: Aggressive timeline with multiple testing cycles.
Regulatory Oversite: Close PUC oversite with constant Earned Value (EV) management and monthly reporting.
Big Bang: Client desired to cut over simultaneously across all in scope modules.
Scope of Business
Scope: Project Scope was ERP & EAM integrated to CIS
  • Functional: EAM (Fixed and Operational Assets), Finance, HCM, SFSF, SCM, SD, EHSM, Billing with CR&B integration.
  • Technical: Data/BODS, HCI (middleware replication), PI/PO, ABAP, Fiori, Webdynpro, Security, GRC, Basis.
  • BI/BW – BODS, BW, BOBJ (including Dashboards).
  • Mobility – SAP Syclo and Click for Field Service Management.
  • Document Management – SAP Open Text for Vendor Invoice. Management (VIM) and document retention/WO linkage.
Resources: Approximately 107 Resources from Birlasoft contributed to this project.
  • 60% Onsite
  • 40% Offshore
Regulatory Approval: (Public Utility Commission; PUC) - PUC approved total $$ for all inclusive, single project
Project Duration: Go Live October 2018. Note: Most utilities have taken 3 plus years to do similar projects.
  • Went live on-time and on budget with large scale enterprise SAP solution.
  • First large-scale project ever on-time at HE.
  • One of only 2% of utilities SAP projects that have completed on-schedule and on-budget.
  • AMS program with focus on stabilizing and enhancing the new system.
  • Project winner of prestigious Project Management Institute (PMI) award for best project.
IoT Based Predictive Analytics solution for RO Monitoring & Optimization
IoT Based Predictive Analytics solution for RO Monitoring & Optimization
Business Problem
  • Improve life of expensive filtration membrane
  • Optimize Cleaning frequencies (Costs)
  • Optimize Power consumption
Solution Deployed
  • Selected period of membrane when membrane was replaced, or a major cleaning was done
  • Produced a statistical model with empirical relations and transfer functions
  • Analysis was conducted across several models of membranes
Business Impact
  • Successfully computed all the control parameters of a membrane
  • Projected membrane loading patterns for a given yield periodically to aid decision of operators
  • Alarms to warn abnormal loading behaviors pre-empting Life
  • This solution also suggests when to delay cleaning processes to save associated costs
Birlasoft Sees Major Opportunity for IT & OT Integration in the Energy and Utilities (E&U) Sector
Sangram Kadam speaks to ETEnergyWorld, opining on how the E&U segments have seen sizeable growth in these covid times
Utility Asset Maintenance
A new era is emerging in asset management with the advancement of technology
The digital way is the new normal that has pushed the Utility industry to the edge