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Birlasoft’s Midsized Manufacturing Industry focused SmartEDGEIMC Solution for SAP
Manufacturing Domain Accelerators with Built-In Know-How for fast-growing enterprises
For UK manufacturers, the era of "continuous crisis" management is now however there are increasing business opportunities through innovation.
Leading US Solution
Leading US Solution
Mid-to-Large Manufacturing Industry focused SMARTEDGE Solution for SAP
Weekly, your business has operational challenges to be navigated through to obtain well-earnt success and customer satisfaction. Your area of expertise drives you through the day-to-day challenges, but what is now in the “art of the possible”? It is accessible, smart and increasingly automated technological & innovational breakthroughs. Those that reduce bottlenecks, jump forward employee productivity and empowers your ability to execute on strategic plans.
Innovation can set you apart – if you’re able to manufacture in-demand products efficiently and profitably. With SAP advanced cloud software for manufacturing, you can streamline your entire operation, gain visibility, and make confident decisions, from the boardroom to the factory floor.
  • Real-time data access and insights across your manufacturing operations
  • Easy collaboration among design, engineering, and production teams
  • Live MRP to rapidly respond to changes in demand and material supply
  • Mass production of personalised parts at scale – with minimal human intervention
  • Synchronisation with your network of external suppliers and third-party OEM partners
  • Simplified product engineering to efficiently control all product production details
  • Net-Zero Manufacturing Comply with global regulations using next-gen solutions
Supply Chain Management
At a time where supply uncertainty is at an all-time high, agility is the name of the game. Nimble companies stand to gain a significant advantage – so it’s time to discover cloud software that helps create a dynamic and connected supply chain. Track and control inventory and stock quantities to facilitate a streamlined material flow across all inbound and outbound logistics operations
  • Early visibility into sales, purchase, and stock transport orders to help plan and schedule goods in transit
  • Easy collaboration among design, engineering, and production teams
  • Live inventory management with synchronised and transparent material flows
  • A single warehouse management platform for optimising operations, processes, and labour
  • One harmonised MRP process for unconstrained and constraint-based materials planning
  • Monitor inventory operations in real time at all levels of granularity
Sourcing and Procurement
Sourcing and Procurement
Visibility is key to identifying the right mix of suppliers and reducing supply risk. Our automated sourcing and procurement management software helps streamline your processes – while delivering near-real-time insights into organisational spend, suppliers, and market information.
  • Centralised purchasing for greater flexibility and visibility across your organisation
  • Give employees self-service access to create, manage, and track their own orders
  • Simplify buying with one-stop purchase order processing
  • Make approval and release procedures easier with automatic sourcing and order processing
  • Manage the entire purchasing rebate lifecycle smoothly
To be agile in a dynamic global market, everything must be completely aligned. Run intelligent, highly automated finance processes with a cloud ERP that unifies transactions, analytics, and planning.
  • Intelligent automation for every finance process - from accounting to risk management
  • Real-time reporting and advanced finance analytics that delivers 360° insights
  • Al-driven financial insights and recommendations at the point of decision
  • Local compliance with processes standardized globally
  • Support for subscription and usage-based billing models
  • Intuitive, consumer-grade user experience on every device
Sales & Services
Sales: To close more deals than the competition, you need the right sales software. SAP cloud software for sales provides intelligent tools and insights to help you improve all of your sales activities, grow revenue, win over more customers whilst boosting customer satisfaction by seamlessly managing sales orders and contracts.
  • CRM and support for presales, service order management, and customer interactions
  • One system for reduced data redundancy, leaner processes, and fewer business documents
  • Real-time inventory info for advanced available-to-promise order commitment dates
  • End-to-end process for selling solution packages, offered in a single quote and invoice
Service: How do you retain customers for life? By providing a seamless, personalised after-sales experience that anticipates and meets needs on any channel. Earn customer loyalty with quick resolution times and gather feedback with customer service capabilities in SAP Cloud.
  • End-to-end commercial service management, from fulfillment to billing and finance
  • A single platform for planning and managing technical services
  • Broad visibility across service operations with data tracking, visualisation, and interaction
  • Holistic analytics across your entire portfolio of services
  • Unify service agreements, pricing, and entitlements in a single repository – and trigger billing automatically
Birlasoft SMARTEDGE Solution
See how our customers are succeeding. SAP Solutions can help you build an interconnected organization that can outperform the competition.
Benefits of Cloud Computing in the Oil & Gas Industry
Solution Built on the Leading ERP Platform for Manufacturers
Enterprise Resource Planning
Grow your business with on-premise and cloud ERP software from SAP that fits your needs and budget.
  • Connect processes across your entire business
  • Access insights and analytics from anywhere
  • Accelerate deployment for a fast ROI
  • Enable smooth interactions with digital consumers
Increase business agility
Leverage an ERP system with industry-specific capabilities and best practices.
Gain control and insights
Get clear visibility and complete control over every aspect of your small business.
Support business growth
Experience a comprehensive cloud solution enabled by business processes in a quick-to-implement package.
Adapted and Qualified for the UK Marketplace from the Leading US Solution
Leading US Solution
Leading US Solution
Success Stories
Leading manufacturer deploys SAP ERP and SAP MII to streamline operations and improve productivity
Varian: Speeding Transactions for Better Business Processes with SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA
OC Tanner rolls out S/4 HANA and Hybris to digitalize B2B2C process and drive superior CX
We help deliver results with SAP solutions for the UK Marketplace. Your business isn't generic; nether should be the software that it runs on. Birlasoft's SAP SMARTEDGEIMC solution is based upon the best-in-clase practices for specific industry processes, combined with our deep domain expertise. The result is a substantial reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through faster implementation, business-ready scenarios, and fewer customizations.
SmartEdgeIMC Offering
Birlasoft brings our accelerate implementation mentality & methodology for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition solution and services together to transform your business into an intelligent enterprise system to be more resilient, profitable, and sustainable to manage your future growth. Our three models provide accelerated and risk-free transformation roadmap.
  • Record To Report
  • Order To Cash
  • Procure To Pay
  • Plan To Produce
  • Warehouse Management
  • Quality Management
4.5 Months Implementation
+ 2 Weeks Hypercare
Implementation Cost
  • SAP Ariba Network (DSN-2000 Documents)
  • SAP AIN (200 Equipments)
  • BTP (SAP iRPA 5 use cases)
  • Plan To Produce
  • Business Process Intelligence
SmartEDGE IMC Core+
SmartEDGEIMC Core+
  • Financials
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Projects Management
5 Months Implementation
+1 Month Hypercare
Implementation Cost
  • Ariba Network (DSN-2000 Documents)
  • AIN (200 Equipments)
  • BTP (SAP iRPA 5 use cases)
  • Business Process Intelligence
SmartEDGElMC Advanced
SmartEDGEIMC Core+
SmartEDGEIMC Advanced
  • Advanced Financials — FSCM
  • PP-DS
  • Advanced Manufacturing (PEO)
  • Advanced Service (Service Support)
6 Months Implementation
+1 Month Hypercare
Implementation Cost
  • Ariba Network (DSN-2000 Documents)
  • AIN (200 Equipments)
  • BTP (SAP iRPA 5 use cases)
  • Business Process Intelligence
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