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Why aspire for just software quality when you can realize business value stream assurance with the Birlasoft Advantage
At Birlasoft, we consider software quality as a business enabler, a lever that can give your organization an exponential push and propel you to great heights when implemented with our expertise and finesse. With industry leading solutions, offerings, accelerators, next-gen technology such as AI/ML and partnerships with technology providers, the Birlasoft promise will help you become leaders in your industry. 
Transform your quality journey into a Nimble, Agile and accelerated experience while bringing resiliency to your business with our state-of-the-art testing solutions
Stay ahead of your competition through secure, reliable & faster releases with our industry certified end-to-end Quality Engineering & Business Centric Assurance Solutions
Whether it’s modernizing your legacy business systems or delivering cutting edge digital experiences to your customers, our intelligent automated testing solutions & strategic partnerships help you achieve business agility, resilience, improved ROI & faster time to market. With Birlasoft’s quality assurance offerings, accelerators & next-gen technology such as AI/ML driven quality engineering, we aim to future-proof your digital business ecosystems through innovation & expertise
Why do enterprises prefer Birlasoft for Testing?
Birlasoft with its formidable experience of working across industry verticals provides measurable benefits like:
  • Proven expertise in enterprise systems & packaged applications testing
  • Enterprise Testing solutions powered by robust ecosystem of quality engineering solutions, frameworks, platforms, tools & accelerators
  • Compliance & regulatory Assurance to meet industry standards & regulatory requirements
  • Enhanced digital experiences that improve end-user satisfaction & faster adoption
Unleash Innovation, Embrace Automation: Redefine Your Digital Journey with our Service Offerings!
Transform your business with Assurance and Quality Engineering: Pioneering the future of digital excellence.
Next-Gen Testing Automation Services
Next-Gen Testing Services
Assuring success in digital technologies and cloud adoption journeys by engineering quality in validation
  • Speed of Technological Change leaves enterprises struggling to keep up
  • Ever Expanding CX Touch Points and plethora of new devices
  • Magnitude and Variety of Data with no quality gates
  • Interoperability issues from Business Processes spread across Multiple Cloud vendors
Service Coverage
  • Legacy Modernization & Cloud Testing.
  • Multi-Channel Assurance.
  • CX Assurance.
  • Data and AI Testing.
  • IOT Testing.
  • Business Resilience Testing.
Key Solution Enablers
TruAUT - Generate automation scripts from manual test cases with little effort. Business centric integrated approach towards 360 Degree automation.
Auto-Automation - AI-powered smart impact analysis and Self-Healing capability.
Experience Assurance Toolkit - Enhance your Customer Experience with our experience assurance toolkit.
TruDAT - E2E Data Quality Validation with Intelligent Data Pipeline Test Automation
TruMobi - Mind map based Testing approach for SMobile Apps
TruABOV - Tool agnostic framework to accelerate RPA end state end to end validation of Chat and Voice bots
DigiQ - Digital Assurance Maturity Framework
The Birlasoft Advantage
  • Ensure the success of your transformation programs, whether they involve greenfield, brownfield, or other approaches.
  • Embrace cutting-edge testing solutions that leverage AI/ML and automation for seamless implementation of next-gen technologies.
  • Move beyond isolated testing methods and guarantee an exceptional end-user experience through our Experience Assurance offering.
  • Maintain data integrity and quality through Data Quality Assurance, ensuring accurate and relevant information for informed business decisions.
  • Seamlessly transition to the cloud without concerns about multi-cloud complexities, as we empower you to be truly Multi-Cloud/Cloud-Agnostic.
  • Business Resilience Solutions combining Reliability Engineering, Chaos Testing, Cyber Security, Performance Engg.
  • Data Mining for QA Analytics
>Enterprise Systems Testing Automation
Enterprise Systems Testing Services
Drive business outcomes by elevating QA from application quality to business processes and value streams and support enterprise core strengthening
  • Changing ERP landscape with new products and closer integration with data
  • Mobile ERPs with its opportunities and challenges
  • Multi-location, Multi-Rollout Implementations
  • Lack of Accountability for Software Quality and Testing in large implementations
Service Coverage
  • ERP & Packaged Applications Testing
  • Digital Commerce Testing
  • Platform Engineering
  • Connected Enterprise
Key Solution Enablers
TruAUT & Auto-Automation – Generate automation scripts from manual test cases with little effort. Create and manage a test automation suite, reducing effort by 30-40%, all thanks to our AI-powered smart impact analysis and Self-Healing capability.
HEAT Methodology – Benefit from a test methodology grounded in industry best practices, featuring quality gates at every milestone to ensure high-quality outcomes.
OCUST - Experience the benefits of a cloud-based robotic automated solution endorsed by Oracle and designed to comprehensively test Oracle SaaS cloud applications.
Test Ensemble - Scripted & Script-less tool agnostic BPT accelerator Integrated QA solution for Business Capture, Automated Regression Testing and Change Impact Analysis
TruPerf - Performance Monitoring for Critical System
EnterpriseQTF - ERP Assurance Maturity Framework
The Birlasoft Advantage
  • Ensure dedicated focus on testing during complex, multi-wave, and multi-country ERP rollouts with the assistance of an ERP Test Factory.
  • Leverage ERP-specific accelerators designed for popular packaged applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, and others.
  • Knowledge Base of Business and pre-built platform specific Test Assets
  • Ready to Use Automation scripts that cover the major ERP Processes
  • Employ smart impact analysis to precisely identify impacted functionalities, resulting in optimized testing efforts.
  • Benefit from partnerships with industry leaders, ensuring preparedness for any new changes and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.
  • 360 degree Test Lifecycle Management Solutions
  • Platform specific Delivery Handbooks and Performance KPIs
  • Domain Testing Handbooks – Insurance, Telecom, P&C Insurance, Media, Supply Chain and so on.
Quality Engineering
Quality Engineering
We prioritize quality throughout the product lifecycle, ensuring a "first time right" approach. By harnessing technology and automation throughout the testing stages, we expedite the delivery of certified releases, resulting in optimal value realization.
  • Legacy Automation Frameworks turning Test Automation into an overhead
  • New development languages and automation requirements
  • Device Testing Automation
  • Performance Requirements
  • Ever increasing Automation script Maintenance effort
Service Coverage
  • Hyper Automation - Unified, AI enabled, Data
  • Cognitive QA (AI in Testing)
  • DevSecTestOps
  • Testing Lifecycle Digitization
  • Testing Lifecycle Digitization
  • Performance Testing and Engineering
Key Solution Enablers
TruAUT – Drive your automation-first testing strategy through unified test automation framework libraries with self-healing capabilities
TruDAT – Achieve end-to-end Data Quality Validation for ETL, Data Migration & Transformation projects with intelligent data pipeline test automation
Auto Automation – With the capabilities of AI-powered Smart Impact Analysis and Self-Healing, easily create & manage your test automation suite
TruPERF – AI/ML based Predictive Performance solution for critical systems performance testing
The Birlasoft Advantage
  • Harness automation throughout the entire test lifecycle, from test design to reporting, and reap the advantages of reduced costs, improved quality, and accelerated processes.
  • Empower the adoption of cutting-edge product development methodologies.
  • Enable seamless implementation of true Continuous Testing and unlock the full potential of DevOps pipelines with innovative solutions from Birlasoft.
  • Utilize AI-based smart impact analysis solutions to conduct targeted testing by isolating specific areas of impact, reducing the scope of testing by up to 70%.
  • Operational Resilience of Business Systems
  • Performance Assurance of Critical Systems
  • Intelligent Automation & Autonomous Testing
  • Digitization of Testing Lifecycle
  • Enabling of Continuous Testing
Test Consulting
Consulting Services
Experience the benefits of Birlasoft's Test Consulting service, which enables you to streamline your testing process, align it with industry-leading standards, and optimize costs for a more agile, efficient, and accelerated test lifecycle.
  • No Enterprise Testing Strategy
  • Lack of Standardized Test Process
  • Fixing the symptoms instead of the root causes
  • No awareness about Industry Best practices
  • Lack of accountability for quality of product
Service Coverage
  • Shift Logical
  • Test Process & Tools Transformation
  • Quality Enablement & Agile Transformation Readiness
  • TCoE Transformation (Lean TCoEs, PODs, TAAS)
Key Solution Enablers
QTF - Assess & optimize your testing efforts with TMMI/Lean-based process maturity framework
Agile Testing Maturity framework – with BDD Enablement/Readiness Assessment kit
Testing-as-a-Service Transformation Enablement Toolkit
TCoE Implementation Guides & Transformation Operating Model
Ready To Use Assets - such as automation assessment framework, standardized templates & much more.
The Birlasoft Advantage
  • Identify and optimize structural bottlenecks within your testing process.
  • Transform testing from a simple SDLC phase to a strategic business enabler.
  • Empower your testing function to become a disruptor within your organization, whether by embracing ambitious agile protocols, revamping your testing process, or modernizing your tooling landscape.
  • Scaled TCOE Model & Build Consulting Service
  • QA Transformation Roadmap Definition & Implementation
  • Enabling of Lean CoE & Agile POD Managed Services
  • Integrated Regulatory & Compliance Management
  • Operationalize ‘Testing as a Service’ (TaaS) to optimize and modularize testing with our output-based model.
  • Accelerate releases with our Automation led TCoE
Fast-track your Digital Transformation with Birlasoft Accelerators
Pre-built Frameworks, Accelerators and Enablers to streamline and accelerate your releases
Automation-First approach with flexible, script less or script-based universal automation solutions.
100% Automated Data Quality, Regulatory Compliance & Rapid Reporting checks.
AI/ML based Predictive Performance solution and Performance Engineering framework.
Service Virtualization framework to simulate unavailable systems and accelerate the testing lifecycle
Cloud based Robotic Automated Solution to test the Oracle SaaS Cloud Applications holistically.
Auto Automation
Auto Automation
Manual to Automation scripts, AI based Smart Impact Analysis, Self-Healing, Service Virtualization
Test Ensemble
Test Ensemble
ERP-enabled, Tool agnostic automation accelerator streamlining business process testing with pre-built test packs.
Synthetic Test Data generator powered by AI
Key Alliances and Partnerships
Key Global Partner for Testing
Digital Experience Assurance Partner
Test Data Solution Provider
Technology provider across the Testing life cycle
Unlock the potential of products and solutions with our comprehensive & reliable, quality assurance and engineering services.
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