Evaluate, Critical Aspects of the SAP Ecosystem for 2022
Learn what Birlasoft & the rest of the SAP Ecosystem has on offer, to help you navigate through your digital transformation journey
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The report evaluates the critical aspects of the SAP Ecosystem for 2022 & how it is meant to help Information Technology & business leaders select and validate their IT vendor preferences, during their digital transformation journey.
How will this report help you in your digital transformation journey?
ISG-identified leaders have a comprehensive product and service offering, a strong market presence, and an established competitive position. These Leaders also represent innovative strength and competitive stability.
  • For clients who have adopted SAP S/4HANA, this study assesses managed service providers that can contribute to superior application performance, including higher stability, availability, and security.
  • The ISG report here, is a comparative analysis of providers & enterprises placing a strong focus on sustainable offerings and operations.
  • This study provides a detailed description of the top trends & service providers in this domain.
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Know what Birlasoft & the rest of the SAP Ecosystem has to offer. This will help you navigate through your digital transformation journey.
  • Birlasoft offers robust SAP S/4HANA services for assessment, migration, and implementation.
  • Birlasoft has also developed specific industry and line-of-business solutions, SAP S/4HANA EDGE solutions, Rapid Deployment Service (RDS) packages, technology solutions to transform IT infrastructures (including migration to the cloud), application management services (AMS) and SMART Move Methodologies (ECC to S/4HANA).”
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ISG Provider Lens™ SAP Ecosystem US 2022 Quadrant Report for SAP S/4HANA System Transformation, to better orchestrate your digital transformation partner ecosystem.
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