Field Service Management Solution
Seamless field services operation, data driven & IoT enabled workflows with Industry 4.0 capabilities
Is your field service operation industry 4.0 compliant?
Is Cost Reduction & Efficient Task Completion your area of concern?
Automate processes to achieve predictive operational excellence, using data insights & connected experiences
Is boosting First-Time Fix Rates becoming a challenge for you?
Integrate Field Service Management Solution as an aftermarket strategy into your business model
Signs that show you need a better
Field Service Management Solution
Improve Workforce Productivity & Safety
Drowning in paperwork
Struggling to find the files you need
Improve Workforce Productivity & Safety
Substandard first-time fixed ratio
Struggling with deadlines & delays
Improve Workforce Productivity & Safety
Lacking Critical Information
Short of Customer Feedback
Improve Workforce Productivity & Safety
Rising Cost
Poor utilization of resources, technicians & assets
Improve Workforce Productivity & Safety
Incorrect Job Assignment
Unsure if Right Technician is assigned to the Right Job
Improve Workforce Productivity & Safety
Low Productivity
Obsolete System, Complaints & Irregular Invoicing
Digitally transform your field service operations with
Birlasoft's Dynamics 365 Field Service Management Solution
With Industry 4.0 technologies proving their mettle through use cases across industries,
it's time to reimagine your field operations with digital
Get actionable insights, share critical data and access real-time remote expert support using IoT & data driven tools to boost first-time fix rates.
Digitize Contract Management
Activate seamless collaboration by arming your field force with mobile apps, automating procurement, job- scheduling, inspections, reporting and digitizing contract management with Birlasoft field service management.
Seamless ERP Integration
Automate field actions like device shutdown or specific commands, synchronize your field operations with other enterprise workflows via ERP integration and build closed-loop field services with feedback mechanisms.
Scale, Secure & Integrate
Built on a secure, scalable, resilient, and highly integrable Dynamics 365 platform, Birlasoft's field service management can help you score five stars on every maintenance and repair job while keeping your field operations running in proactive mode.
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Improve Workforce Productivity & Safety
Developed: September 2022
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Create Safer, More Efficient & Reliable Operations
Our Dynamics 365 powered field service management solution acts as the interface between your enterprise technology, your field force, yourback-office workforce and each action point on the field. 
It helps you minimize machine failures & turn your field operations into a profitable value proposition for all stakeholders
Our Offerings
  • Field Service Automation
  • Framework to incorporate loT and Predictive analytics to existing service solution
  • Technical Architecture alignment based on customer technology stack
  • Field Service Lightning installation, setup and configuration
  • TruServ solution setup based on "modular" needs around dispatch, scheduling and work order
Advanced Automation
  • Incubate, implement or enhance Internet of Things integration to field service applications and processes
  • Outcome based analytics to predict service outcomes and drive field service efficiencies
  • Auto-dispatch rules based on machine / sensory data
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