The Changing Dynamics of Life Sciences Industry
Listen to this podcast, as John Danese, Senior Director, Life Sciences at Birlasoft, shares insights about current trends within Life Sciences industry, what challenges lie before businesses, and why Birlasoft is uniquely positioned to help navigate through these challenges.
The life sciences industry has seen a radical change in terms of need for cost control, product and process optimization, and regulatory compliance. The medical devices of today have taken a quantum leap in capability and complexity due to embedded technology enabling them to be Smart and Connected. With so much happening in this industry and in the technology space, we clearly see certain trends -
  • Manufacturers have started moving to a platform approach to innovation that ties together not only Application and Product Lifecycle Management, but also other complementary pieces of the innovation process, including supply chain, manufacturing, and service
  • Manufacturers are heading towards servitization approach, to help organization leverage the Connected devices and Internet of Things and track usage and performance data to develop usage-based revenue models that further the industry’s growth
Birlasoft brings a wealth of experience across all leading PLM, ALM and ERP solutions and their integration to help companies manage this complex business of modern device innovation. Using embedded technology, Birlasoft supports customers through products and services for a better and healthier tomorrow.
"We provide solutions and services for Life Sciences industry to help reduce cost of healthcare, develop innovative products and value-added services, and better comply with regulatory mandates"
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How Birlasoft can help your organization make the most of servitization and bring faster products to market
John Danese
John Danese
Senior Director,
Life Sciences
How can Birlasoft help
Birlasoft provides a complete set of offerings across the entire value chain of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies - from discovery, trials, and production to sales and marketing, field service and support.
Rising Cost of Healthcare
Leveraging technology to help our clients innovate faster to deliver more effective therapeutic products and services, while reducing real-world costs.
Product Service and Innovation
Enabling our clients to understand and improve their customers' experience with their brand by extending "beyond the pill or device" with value-added services to gain new revenue opportunities and better serve their customers.
Helping clients simultaneously address their local and global regulatory compliance needs and achieve business benefits.