May 02 2017 | ERP
By: Ganesh Subramanian , Enterprise Resource Planning

More than 85 percent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were essential to the core of their businesses, and that they "could not live without them” in a CIO magazine survey.

In the world of ERP, JD Edwards presents a holistic systems view with its broad and deep functionalities. Nucleus Research, Technology Value Matrix, December 2016 – ERP notes “Oracle JD Edwards maintains its position as a leader as it continues to invest in both usability and new functional capabilities for the application.

Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) is the best ERP application that pre-integrates multiple business management applications with industry specific functionality in a way that it is suitable for organizations of all sizes. JD Edwards is a product of Oracle and it continues to be widely accepted in the industry. Though organizations of all sizes can adopt Oracle JD Edwards, it has gained significant acceptance among mid-size enterprises. The various applications offered in JD Edwards include financial management, project management, order management, reporting, asset lifecycle management, manufacturing management and mobile solutions.

What's great about Oracle JD Edwards?

JD Edwards is one of the market-leading ERP solutions that helps you operate your business more efficiently and profitably. By implementing JD Edwards you can look to a very attractive return on your investment. Since the software is modular in nature, you can pick and choose only those applications which you are in need of. As your organization grows, you may choose the others and integrate them with existing ones. Besides, JD Edward is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of the various industries. With the agriculture community ignored by most ERP vendors, JD Edwards has focused on this vertical to create the best-in-class solution for agriculture accounting. As most agriculturists or farmers sell through agriculture cooperatives, JD Edwards in its ERP solution for agribusiness has provided functionality to manage such transactions.

Why Choose JD Edwards? The important reasons why customers choose JD Edwards over ERPs are:

1. Completeness of Functionality: JD Edwards provides a great user experience as most functions that are incorporated are complete and in accordance with the industry needs. Hence, there is very little need for customizations. The solution is also scalable and hence fast growing organizations can adopt this without future concerns. 

2. Reporting Capabilities: The reports produced by JD Edwards are more extensive and provide better analysis. Re-usability of reports with processing options to reduce the custom. -Versions which help the report to run in different ways by not creating an another ,each screen and report has a different set of overrides for each language.

3. Skilled Support Staff: It is easier to hire people having capabilities in JD Edwards than most of the other mid-market ERPs and hence customers prefer to deploy JD Edwards. 

4. Partner / Vendor capabilities or Customer Support: Partners or Vendors appointed by Oracle for JD Edwards are more responsive and impressive as well. Resolving a bug for JD Edwards takes much less time than it would take for other ERP systems. 

5. Easy Customizations: With JD Edwards, users can modify functions in applications so as to make it do precisely what they want. This does come at a cost, but it is much better than other mid-tier ERP packages, which would rather ask you to take it or leave it. Flexibility to connect with different environments.

6. Familiarity: Most employees in an organization at a point in time in their career have worked on JD Edwards and references from them are favourable, which leads organizations to opt for JD Edwards.

Oracle's continuous investment into JD Edwards can be seen as a testimony to the promising business opportunities it offers to its users. For any organization, it is critical that they choose an ERP system that best fits their business model and functionalities. A huge investment in ERP is warranted for the benefit it provides. JD Edwards, with its usability experience and functionalities, makes a wonderful application to have in your technology portfolio.