Machine-as-a-Service: New frontier of smart manufacturing
    Machine-as-a-service has visibly shaken up traditional business processes. Manufacturers are now compelled to rethink their strategy & shift to a more service-based business model that aims to create better services & products.
    SAP S/4HANA is the Catalyst to Win in Today’s Digital Economy
    Optimizing S/4HANA Adoption. How to establish a digital core to intelligently connect your business with customers, employees, business networks, IoT, Big Data and more.
    Machine-to-Machine: Manufacturing in a connected world
    In today's connected world, businesses are increasingly turning to M2M communications & analytics as clean data becomes are pre-requisite for companies to optimize productivity.
    The business value of enabling IoT in industrial manufacturing
    As digital disruption paves the way for the entry of agile, tech-driven startups, it is incentivising big, established manufacturing companies to rewire their business models.
    Making utilities Smarter and Efficient - Automatic Meter Reading
    This whitepaper looks at the global trends in Smart Metering, challenges in its adoption, opportunities that it beholds
    How smart glasses are transforming backend processes in manufacturing
    Within warehouses, order-picking accounts for an estimated 55 percent of the total warehouse operating expenses.
    Supply chain optimisation using technology in manufacturing
    Technology-enabled processes are providing manufacturers a bird's eye view of the entire supply line. This comes with its benefits and challenges.
    Blockchain for Life Sciences
    Product tracking and tracing is a mandate for pharmaceutical companies to be completed in compliance with the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Birlasoft is helping to evaluate the applicability of blockchain technology to address this mandate, to implement an electronic, inter-operable system to trace products at the package level by 2023.
    Making connected factories a reality in India
    A shift that is aligning with where the manufacturing industry the world over is heading-towards a more interconnected, agile and flexible production process to seemingly fuse man, technology and machine