Organizations often struggle to harness the true power of world-class enterprise systems even in the most mature technology environments. This leads to the use of ad-hoc tools, spreadsheet silos and tribal knowledge resulting in increased operational costs, manual workarounds and patch as you go customizations to compensate for efficiency gaps.
Value Harvesting? Methodology
ValueHarvesting? Methodology (Vh) from Birlasoft empowers organizations to extract new value from existing enterprise systems resulting in:
  • Improved internal/external customer service levels
  • Maximized technology investment returns
  • Optimal utilization of working capital and resources
Vh is a self-funding model that accelerates enterprise evolution by unlocking tangible business gains through the use of sustainable,best-in-class practices, disciplined processes and innovative technologies.
Four Steps To Value Harvesting
Build sustainable continuous improvements with your current SAP Systems, in four simple steps.
Vh Data Sampling & Assessment Approach
Birlasoft Vh Sampling is a vital step in the Vh methodology, performed by Birlasoft business process integration advisors, using a standardized and tool-based approach as follows:
Value harversting Outcome
Solution Features
  • Gather data samples from your core enterprise systems
  • Evaluate people and processes
  • Establish current state baseline assessment
  • Map against industry benchmarks and best practices
  • Deliver a comprehensive scorecard with prioritized recommendations
Creating the Right Environment for Success
A focus on simplifying business processes, systems and user interfaces is necessary to drive alignment and sustainably reverse this trend. Birlasoft Vh addresses the root causes of inefficiencies and improves upon the cross functional process integration with a sustainable methodology for simplification, optimization and ongoing evolution.
Birlasoft customer Edward Don drives digital innovation to evolve its business and IT operations and recognized the need for the Change Leadership as offered by the Birlasoft Value Harvesting program. Watch Video
Value Harvesting for Enterprise Systems
Value Harvesting for Enterprise Systems