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Data powers decisions. Birlasoft's Data & Analytics services manages complete lifecycle of Data

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Migrating data between different system / formats is a common need of enterprises undergoing M&A, Business or IT transformations, Historical migration and New Data Lake implementations among others. Accurate data is the raw material maximizing the value of enterprise applications. An insufficient understanding of both source and target can lead to inaccuracies and redundancy in data transfer. A systematic approach in data migration avoids the risks emerging from incorrect data.

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Businesses are relying on analytics for predictability, auto-solutioning and unravelling hidden trends. Birlasoft’s Data & Analytical solutions

empower businesses towards data-driven decision making for more accurate and lower cost results. 

Credit Risk Analytics SolutionCredit Risk Analytics Solution

Credit Risk Analytics

Financial institutions collect and store lot of information from credit applicants/ existing borrowers consisting of hundreds of variables. We prioritize and develop Machine Learning based analytical solutions to achieve measurable and sustainable business impact by

  • Enhancing the existing default prediction model
  • Developing models that help identify aberrant behavior and action decisions focused on identifying general & specific      pattern for default detection by analyzing the credit payment records along with macro economic factors of the past
  • Moreover, on top of this certain use cases are also developed using Credit Score and Customer Demographics fitting into ML models to create more value to the Financial Institutions which are as follows             
    • Cross Sell/Up Sell,

    • Optimum Underwriting,

    • Fraud Prevention,

Solution Overview

    • Ensemble Modelling – Using combination of ML models like Random Forest, Logistic Regression, LDA
    • Model Interpretability
    • Credit Risk Analysis as a Service
    • Tensor Flow Deep Neural Network
    • Real Time Advanced Visualization
    • NLP(Natural Language Processing) for Self Service
    • Agile & Customizable

Industry verticals

Industries from shopfloors to customer facing retail and Finance are all trying to understand data for better decision making.

Birlasoft's Data & Analytics services and solutions are powering algorithms and making decision making simpler across multiple industry verticals