Feb 13 2018 | automation
The A to Z of kinds of Automation
By: Dharanidharan

What is Automation?

Automation can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance – Wikipedia.

We live in a world of advancement and the technology keeps advancing to make our lives easier. Most of us use technology to automate only our personal task. Why don’t we change one’s tune to break the ice of using the technology to automate the repetitive tasks we are doing?

IT Automation helps to create business solutions like code generators, release/deploy code, generate metrics, managing IT assets, tools etc. Typically IT operations and monitoring areas have been the major focus areas for implementing automation. These can be grouped as under:

Workflow Automation:

  • Any automation that helps in moving work items like alert-to-ticket automation, auto-escalations, approval processing etc.

Workload Automation:

  • This refers to any scheduled job automation like triggering backup jobs, reporting, clean-up activities, moving files, etc.

IT Process Automation

  • This approach covers key aspects of IT including event management, incident management, SLA management, capacity planning, availability, reporting, dashboards, and service management. 

Home Automation:

These days every Tom, Dick and Harry can control the appliances such as lights, TV and even fridge by means of our smartphone. This aspect of modern life is part of what scientists call “the Internet of Things” – a system that enables among others for every device to have its IP. The long and short of it is that device has an IP, then we can control it remotely and program its settings without even getting up from the couch.

Cloud Computing:

The bottom line of storing data and information on our local hard drive is obsolete. This technology enables us to access our files from anywhere on the planet as long as we have a stable Internet connection. Consider a situation where you travel for a business conference, but you forget the presentation on your home-based PC, you can still access it if you have previously stored it on a cloud server.

Industrial Automation:

Due to unpredictable technology development, the industries are trying to reduce man power where they trying to increase automation function in various sectors. This leaps and bounds is a result of the great advent of industrial automation and information technology. These days, a company that assembles cars only employs 20% of the number of engineers that it used to have over two decades ago.

Data Analytics:

Another area in which organizations are using IT automation is with data analytics and business intelligence. Several recent studies have revealed that the largest share of new IT spending is expected to go toward data analytics. Automation helps organizations to easily identify, monitor, and manage workflows and systems for faster, more reliable workload performance – therefore, allowing them to adapt to agile environments.

IT Automation Pros and Cons

Its benefits include improved reporting and business intelligence; faster data centre and cloud operations; ease of use in workflow monitoring. Having automation in your office allows you to focus more time on your clients and revenue generating tasks. However, an IT automation strategy must account for and eliminate errors because an automated error will proliferate much more quickly than a manual error. 

The Future of Automation

Automation is the latest trending technology in many fields especially in industries like manufacturing, control systems, mining, etc. While analysing the revenue growth of Automation functions, it highly developed from $150 billion USD to $250 billion USD since from 2010-2014. And the annual growth percentage increases from 20-55 percentages, which clearly shows that automation technology contains huge scope in coming years.


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