A new way of investment
By: Priya Sharma


Talent was a former weight and unit of currency, used especially by the ancient Romans and Greeks. Talent means being good at something. Everybody is good at one or the other. To name Talent as Talent, is to weigh or measure your passion in which you are very good at. You may have lot of good things in you but you stand out from others by that UNIQUE CURRENCY called TALENT!!

 Some explore it soon and become rich by achieving laurels and promotion and some fail to do so because they fail to follow their passion and become unheeded. So, in order to gain this currency and reach the HOUSE OF SUCCESS we need to manage our talent and work on it to acquire this currency in a lump sum manner.

Talent may differ from individual to individual. Talent is not just limited to individual but it forms a chain which connects the whole organization or the whole world. So, if this talent is managed properly by any organization they can cut the mustard easily. So, I am writing my other half blog from a company’s point of view and what all you (in the sense, a company) should do to improve its position and thereby reach a new HOUSE OF SUCCESS.

       “Talent Management is that fuel, which triggers the engine of organization’s success constantly in   motion!!” 

              Talent Management, in other words the great way to elevate your TALENT CURRENCY requires certain pillars, and hurdles to deal with and by overcoming which you can straightly acquire the house of SUCCESS by the currency of TALENT.

           The pillars that make you rich, on the other hand not following which, becomes your hurdle and makes your TALENT CURRENCY NILL, are ought to be improved by the following ingredients, which have to be drained in the cement of improvement to build the strong foundation of the HOUSE OF SUCCESS.

  1. RECRUITMENT SELECTION makes you to be CHOOSY because you need to invest your currency in a proper way so that you can gain profit without losing anything.
  2. ONBOARDING helps you to improve your CONFIDENCE and also TEAM WORK wherein the fresh minds invest their time for you as well for themselves. Which means you are confident enough to believe in your investment for the HOUSE OF SUCCESS which you did is perfectly fine.              
  3. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT is the main part of your investment wherein the construction gets started to reach the HOUSE OF SUCCESS and all the foundations are also laid successfully. If you carryout this step with full heartedness and manage the contribution of each and every individual involved in it you are at the verge to reach the destination of SUCCESS.
  4. CAREER DEVELOPMENT is the final step and the last investment of your TALENT CURRENCY wherein you would condense it, as it helps you to build your HOUSE OF SUCCESS as well as the person responsible to deliver his/her support to your HOUSE OF SUCCESS.

         Thus,when the composition of all these ingriendents are inline, the foundation becomes unflappable and when the base becomes adamant, the entire building(i.e Organization) becomes firm and there could be no supernatural power which would cease you to head towards your “HOUSE OF SUCCESS”.
In a nutshell,

 “A really great talent finds its happiness in execution.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

 So, if you’ve got a talent, prove it..!!