Mar 16 2018 | Diversity
Healthy Diversity at workplace
By: Tanveen Kaur

"When i see through my eyes i think we all are different but when i see through my heart i think we all are same"

Diversity as the name suggests is one's thought of race,gender,religion,culture,ability,national origin,socio-economic class.In cooperate world we need healthy diverse teams for better productivity and functioning.It is easy to say we all respect each other until we actually mean it.

Gone are the days when girls were behind boys on any of the tasks.Whether it be technical skills,marketing skills,practical knowledge or managerial skills we see them as a significant part of our team.During my stint at Birlasoft i have been involved in almost all the co-curicular activities whether it be Zumba class,aerobics workout,cooking competition,traditional day or rangoli celebration.I was always supported and encouraged to do all passionately and whole-heartedly.Not only i gave my best shot but i outshone almost all the untouched arenas.I always dreamt to be multi-tasking here at Birlasoft i got a platform to make my dream come true.To try all the new things because life is a gift and moments will be treasured till i turn 65 and look at all i have accomplished.Its good to have so many feathers in my cap and then its best to uplift all my fellow mates with same energy and vigor from time and again.

Let us assume People to be a set of different colors of ballons.Each set has specific good and bad characters of its own.Colors can be any pink,red,white,blue,yellow.Rather than flying differently lets decide to fly all together and sky is the limit for all.