Feb 26 2018 | IOT
The AtoZ of IoT till date
By: Seeni Rajan

The AtoZ of IoT till date

IoT is an emerging topic in the industry. It’s nothing but a network of ‘smart’ devices that connect and communicate via the Internet. Smart devices are anything that connects to the Internet, from appliances to manufacturing equipment, from locks and security cameras to connected cars.

In 2015, nearly 10,000 connected devices were only availed, now in 2018, we are have almost 30,000 connected devices. In 2025, we are expecting 70,000 connected devices will be made.

According to the analysis, IoT will be an 11.1 Trillion Dollar Market by 2025.

Challenges of IoT

  • Complex systems - Hard to get started
  • No single vendor solutions
  • Multiple expertise required to build a system – Firmware, Communications,

Web/ IT, Data Science

  • Lack of consolidation on Industry Standards
  • Embedded development is challenging
  • Increasing algorithmic complexity
  • Need connectivity to cloud resources

Nowadays, IoT devices have extended their forecast in many of the sectors such as automotive, Communications, Medical, computers, military & Aerospace.

Role of IoT

Automotive Infotainment

Communications - Mobile handsets

Information Technology - Desktop, server

Medical - Imaging, consumer medical

Military - Equipment, Commercial aerospace

Part of IoT in Communication Technologies

 They are classified into five main parts...

Wired - Ethernet, Coax, Fiber etc..,

WPAN - ANT+, Bluetooth…

W-Mesh - ZigBee PRo, WirelessHART..

WLAN - 802.11a/b/g

WWAN - 2G, 3G, 4G Cellular

Future Trends of IoT

IoT have concentrated on making everything digital and smart in all the sectors, some of them are as follows.

  • Smart cities
  • Connected cars
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial IOT
  • Smart Agriculture

We can call IOT by different names, but the concept is same

  • “M2M” (Machine to Machine)
  • “Internet of Everything” (Cisco Systems)
  • “World Size Web” (Bruce Schneier)
  • “Skynet” (Terminator movie)

IoT is in everywhere, for on better understanding we would take on smart college campus architectures, Weather and Traffic system

Facilities - Building Temperature Control Systems, Electrical Systems, Lighting Systems

VoIP Phones, Trash Cans, Water Sensors for Floods, Building Equipment Monitoring,

Motors, Pumps, Boilers, etc.

Safety - IP Video Surveillance, Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems, Security Alarms,

Electronic Door Access, IP enabled Police and Security Teams, IP Enabled Police Vehicles

Classroom Technologies - Clickers in the Classroom, Projectors, IP Streamed Audio,

Computer Presentation Integration

Tutoring Spaces - Check in / out for Tutoring, AV equipment, Scheduling Devices,

Staff Offices - Multifunction Printers, Coffee Makers / Microwaves, IP connected mailboxes

Conference Room Scheduling, Conference Room Presentation Systems, Time Clocks

Monitoring Weather

  • Measure, explore, discover weather patterns
  • Provide niche weather service

Monitoring Traffic

  • Measure, explore, discover traffic patterns
  • Provide live local traffic information service

Privacy in IoT

IoT devices collect vast amounts of data, which creates concern over the confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of business data. Ensure to use IoT devices that provide transparency on their data collection policies. It is important to understand what information is being gathered, how long it is kept, and what it’s used for, such as marketing research or customer service.