Compliance with the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) regulation is mandatory for all medical device manufacturers that market products in the United States. Some companies have spent time and money on tactical solutions with the single goal of compliance with the current regulation. Forward-looking companies, however, are interested in getting a return on their investment and are looking beyond compliance to the business benefits that can be gained by taking a strategic approach to managing their device data.
Learn how you can harvest Business Benefits beyond UDI compliance
If your situation matches any of the following scenarios, don’t let the opportunity pass to discover how Birlasoft can help you quickly uncover the silver lining of UDI compliance with its UDI Cloud Solution.
  • Class II or Class I device manufacturer that need to quickly get UDI compliant
  • Class III device manufacturer that have a tactical solution in place, but now are looking for a long-term solution to realize ROI
  • Your device master data is scattered across multiple ERP, PLM, CRM and other systems, if it exists at all
Virtually without exception, UDI compliance efforts expose serious problems with device master data quality and consistency. These problems not only make UDI compliance more challenging, but are a roadblock to product categorization and cataloging necessary for effective eCommerce, field service, product development, sales analytics, ERP consolidation and migration projects and other business initiatives that rely on high quality product data.
Birlasoft Product Data Quality As A Service (P-DaaS) is offered as an optional service which helps enterprises in successful handling of Product data quality issues by providing trusted data that can integrate with any application to address these product data issues.
UDI Cloud for Medical Devices
Birlasoft's cost-effective product data management foundation for UDI compliance helps medical device manufacturers to improve operational efficiency, accelerate new product launches, establish a single source of truth for product label data, and share accurate product information. Read this white paper to know more.