Case Study Snapshot
Archrock, the leading provider of natural gas contract compression in the United States. They needed to streamline the product data management within their organization to be more efficient and remain competitive in the market. Their previous system was not capable of handling foolproof process product data maintenance. And, hence they needed platform of standardization, data governance and item master to be fixed.
Birlasoft, recommended by Oracle, helped Archrock lead through the whole implementation. Birlasoft implemented Oracle Product Hub Cloud and deployed Birlasoft's P-DaaS service for data cleansing. As a result, Archrock could reduce approval time by 25% and field look up time by 30-40%, and have a reliable system to maintain product attributes with governance. The compression services leader envisions continued partnership with Birlasoft and Oracle in their next journey with automation.
Birlasoft Offering
  • Product Data Hub Cloud
  • Human Capital Management Cloud
  • Customer Data Management Cloud
  • Master Data Management
  • Product and Enterprise Data Quality Modeling
Few Fact Points
  • Archrock's first cloud application implementation
  • Reduced approval time by 25%
  • Decreased field look up time by 30-40%
  • Oracle introduced Archrock to Birlasoft
  • Leveraged Birlasoft's P-DaaS service for data cleansing and implementation
  • Product Data Hub in cloud has provided foundation in place for automation to gain more efficiencies
  • PDH cloud integrated with Oracle E-Business and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
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Archrock Gets Faster Commercialization of Products with Oracle Product Hub Cloud
Watch this video to learn how Birlasoft helped Archrock implement Oracle Product Hub Cloud and Streamline and Standardize their Data Management
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Archrock Gets Faster Commercialization of Products with Oracle Product Hub Cloud

Archrock itself came into existence from the merger of two groups that have been in the oil and gas midstream for over 60 years - Handover and Universal. Archrock's vision is to be the leading compression services partner in the US market, by partnering with all of our customers and their production. We do that with superior compression services. We have over three million horse power out in the field and it's unrivaled by any of our competitors.

We were using Oracle PLM and it was all over the place. When they put it into place we had manufacturing, services and international business. So we had smart numbers, dumb numbers, made-up numbers. There was not a platform of standardization. We did not have any data governance in place. We needed to get to a point that we can use the item master in our future growth. We were looking at what to do with PLM and where to go next and how to get our item master fixed.

Oracle actually introduced us to Birlasoft. Not only for the cloud implementation but we found out that they could also do our data cleansing. Birlasoft helped us lead through the whole implementation. With the implementation of the product data hub in the cloud Archrock was able to reduce our approval time over 25% and our field lookup time 30% to 40%. This is a first implementation of any cloud application for Archrock and we are seeing a huge benefit in not having to use our IT resources to do any upgrades and the speed is amazing.

Archrock next journey is automation and the key was putting the foundation in place with Birlasoft and Oracle with the product data hub in the cloud. This will enable us to take those next steps, because automation is the only way we are going to gain more efficiencies in the field.