Feb 28 2018 | Big data
Big Data Analytics
By: Dharanidharan

Have you ever hit upon how Amazon and Flipkart could possibly predict what we want; how the Google auto completes our search; how the YouTube looks into videos we want to watch?

When we open YouTube, we will be at sixes and sevens, when we find ads related to what we have searched earlier in the past days. This is where we find ourselves in the era of big data analytics. More than 3 trillion bytes of information are being generated everyday through our smart phones, tablets, GPS devices, etc.

Have we thought about what can be done with all these information?

This is where the data analytics comes into play. Big data analytics is just the study of future build up to store data in order to extract the behaviour patterns. The entire social networking website gathers our data which are related to our interest which is usually done by using our past search or any other social information. 

Now let’s see how Google auto completes our search …

These days everyone use Google in order to search through information they need. The Google algorithms are designed in such a way that it matches our data/information that we have entered with all the data available. It will try to determine whether we are looking for sports, facts or politics and gather our data from the past searches/feeds. By learning about what we are surfing in web, Google can show us the related ads for products/ services that we might be interested in. This data analytics is just another feather in one’s cap.

The bottom line of the advanced technologies instigated by Facebook includes image recognition which teaches the machines to identify the issue or any particular feature in a picture or video, by training it with millions of other images. By this way the machine recognize people in pictures before we tell it who they are, when it suggests friends to tag. For example, consider a situation where we’re looking at cricket pictures in our Facebook. After some time, we might be able to see more pictures related to cricket in our feed, when our friends share or “like” them. When we see through these things we will feel like we’re at one’s beck and call.

Types of data analytics

There are 4 types of big data analytics. The descriptive analytics explains what happens in the past based on the data presented through graphics or reports. The diagnostic analytics seeks to understand the reason why any event took place in past. The predictive analytics goes through data’s in order to predict what could have happened? And at long last, the prescriptive analytics is an evolution of the preceding approach based on automation processing or the hypothesis testing.

Now let us see a best example of data analytics…

 Amazon had tried to break the ice in India by slowly beating its tougher competitors like snapdeal and Flipkart. The reason lies in its research work and strategy to capture our Indian market. One of its greatest transformations was the personalized recommendation system which is built on the big data. This system usually gathers data from millions of customer transactions.

This is the best lesson that Amazon has taught the business world. If our customers are happy then we can be better off at our business. That is the basic thumb rule when it comes to business. Data analytics will improve by leaps and bounds in the upcoming years. Data analytics will lead to a walkover in near future.


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